LGBTQ+ Health Initiative Fund

Request For Proposals

The UCLA LGBTQ+ Health Initiative Fund was established to accelerate the growth of LGBTQ+ programs addressing one or more of our four central pillars of LGBTQ+ care:

  1. Clinical Care: To create innovative patient care programs and resources
  2. Advocacy: To promote LGBTQ+ health advocacy
  3. Research: To advance UCLA LGBTQ+ research
  4. Education: To provide in-depth education on LGBTQ+ health care.

The fund raises money annually and may fund up to of $5,000.00 per project. The funds are for direct costs only and not intended for travel, conferences nor salary support/stipends. Award recipients will be asked to promote fundraising efforts and asked for written and/or live presentations of their projects. Applicants must be current full-time, part-time, or contract employees or a health sciences trainee at UCLA Health. This includes faculty, fellows, residents and students.

For questions, please contact [email protected].


To apply for the UCLA LGBTQ+ Health Initiative Fund, please complete this application. You will be asked to provide information about yourself and your department and will be asked to complete the following:

  • REQUIRED - PROJECT INFORMATION – essay response: Please describe the purpose of your proposed project. Include how it will create new opportunities for LGBTQ+ health at UCLA Health and its communities, how the funds will be used, and what other resources will be used to execute your project
  • REQUIRED - PROJECT TIMELINE – file upload: Detail the project’s timeline, deliverables and funding distribution needs. How will your project findings and data be communicated the participants, to relevant parts of UCLA Health and the community?
  • REQUIRED - BUDGET – file upload: Detail the project’s full budget with specific line items in an Excel spreadsheet. Include a separate Word or PDF document with justification for each item.
  • OPTIONAL - SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS – file upload: Please upload any other materials you would like to include in this application such as flyers, infographics, toolkits, etc.

Currently Funded Projects

The LGBTQ+ Health Initiative Fund has sponsored the following projects:

  • Gender Health Community Survey of Priorities and Experiences in Gender-Affirming Treatment - Seeking People Assigned Male at Birth
  • LGBTQ+ Health Film Series: Building Better Patient - Provider Relationships
  • A Lifestyle Medicine research study about the counseling, exercise, and nutritional of transgender and gender diverse patients at UCLA, including those with eating disorders.