Sunday, October 9

Clinical Pathway and Program Development in Neurosurgery

UCLA Participants: Aria Fallah


Advanced Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery– Operative Nuances, Indications, and Complication Avoidance

UCLA Participants: Langston Holly

Course Description: This symposium is intended for surgeons with an interest and some experience in minimally invasive spinal surgery. Experts in the field will discuss operative nuances, complication avoidance, and patient selection in the context of a case- based course.


Introduction to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 

UCLA Participants: Daniel C. Lu 

Monday, October 10

The Preoperative Spine

UCLA Participants: Sanjay S. Dhall 

Session Description: The CNS Guidelines are evidence-based summaries of the scientific literature written by topic experts to provide neurosurgeons with the information they need to provide the best care to patients suffering from common neurosurgical conditions. In the Guidelines Sunrise Sessions, authors discuss the key conclusions of recent Guidelines projects to promote the dissemination of this broadly applicable information around the field. In this session, spinal surgery experts discuss their findings, published in late 2021, regarding the management of opiod medication in the preoperative spine patient


Sunrise Session and Late Breaking Abstract GE Session – Data Science

UCLA Participants: Linda Liau

Tuesday, October 11

Functional Mapping in Pediatric PE Neurosurgery

UCLA Particpants: Aria Fallah

Seminar Description: In this session, faculty will survey established techniques in neuromonitoring as well as emerging practices in pediatric cases with a special emphasis on transcranial magnetic stimulation and resting state functional neuroimaging.


Interactive Multimedia Research Presentation Session - Section on Cerebrovascular Surgery

UCLA Participants: Jeremiah N. Johnson

Wednesday, October 12

Neuromodulation for Emerging Indications

UCLA Participants: Jean-Philippe Langevin

Seminar Description: Applications for neuromodulation have expanded significantly. Experts practicing with these advanced techniques will discuss topics including DBS for dementia, responsive Neurostimulation for PTSD, Vagal Nerve Stimulation for stroke recovery, and neuromodulation for pain and psychiatric disorders.