Dress Requirements

Dress Requirements

PURPOSE: To ensure that resident physicians in the Neurological Surgery Training program will be attired with consideration for professional appearance and safety at all times while discharging their duties.

SCOPE:  The following policy is applicable to all rotation sites including the UCLA Medical Center, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center; West Los Angeles VA Medical, Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, and Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center


1) Proper photo identification must be worn and properly displayed while in the hospital or any patient care facility. ID must also be worn in the research laboratory.

2) Professional dress: Clothing appropriate for professional activities will be worn while engaged in the execution of both service and educational responsibilities.  White coats must be clean and kept. Male and female residents are expected to dress in a manner consistent with a professional working environment.

3) Scrub uniforms: Scrub uniforms are allowed in the Operating Rooms, Outpatient Surgery Center, the ICU, or while between operative cases. All hospitals prohibit the wearing of scrubs outside of the respective facilities. Scrubs should be changed immediately if soiled. Only scrubs issued by a facility can be worn at that facility.

3) Footwear:  Appropriate professional footwear is expected.  No open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed in patient care areas (an OSHA regulation). Alternate footwear may be acceptable if deemed medically justified on a case-by-case basis.

4) Eye protection: Protective eyewear is required in situations where the risk of exposure to patient body fluids is high, especially in the operating room and during bedside procedures.  Prescription eyewear should be supplemented by additional splash protection.