Quality training and long-term supportive technical assistance promotes fidelity to the curriculum

What is fidelity and why is it important? Implementing a program with fidelity means putting it into practice the way it was designed. Fidelity is crucial because evidence-based programs, like Legacy for Children™, have proven positive impacts on child development and foster positive parenting practices when they are carried-out as designed. If the critical components of the Legacy for Children™ model are not applied or are substantially changed, mothers may not attain the expected results. Training and technical assistance helps ensure that the children and mothers you serve achieve the best possible outcomes.

Initial Training

Legacy for Children™ training begins with a four-half-day remote training or a three-day workshop at your agency. The initial training is fundamental to developing familiarity with the Legacy for Children™ philosophy and goals. The training is also where we start to build the Legacy-specific skills necessary to carry out the program successfully. Over the next year, regular training webinars and technical assistance (TA) will continue to support your Legacy for Children™ team's growth and development.

Continuing education is available for health educators and other professionals: Click here to view accreditation information (PDF).

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance (TA) will provide support and guidance. It begins upon completion of the initial Legacy for Children™ training and continues for two years. TA will be provided via:

  • Webinars that include topics which correspond with projected themes as groups develop over time
  • Group TA calls that focus on building resources and support between sites
  • Individual site TA calls that offer opportunities for individualized check-in and support
  • Opportunities for "TA-as-needed" will be available through email, phone, and a group web-based discussion forum

Observation and Feedback

Site observations by the Legacy for Children™ Training and TA team at UCLA are provided in two ways:

  • In-person site visits
  • Review of submitted videos

After each observation, the Training and TA team will give feedback and summarize observations and recommendations by means of a written report and discussion via teleconference.