Equity Diversity and Inclusion

UCLA Radiology Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

UCLA Radiology EDI Team

Members of UCLA Radiology Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, top row (l. to r.): Preeti Ahuja, PhD, Daniel Bradley, MD, Kathleen Brown, MD, Chair, Natalie Cain, MD, Saima Chaabane, PhD; second row (l. to r.): Ai-Chi Chen, PhD, Tonya Greene, Theodore Hall, MD, Vice Chair, Connie Ju, MD, Barbara Kadell, MD; third row (l. to r.): Stephanie Lee-Felker, MD, Aarti Luhar, MD, Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD, Justin McWilliams, MD, Nooshin Najmi, MD; fourth row (l. to r.): Emeka Okafor, MD, Ben Plotkin, MD, Ashley Prosper, MD, Guita Rahbar, MD; Emma Stackpole; fifth row (l. to r.): Robert Suh, MD, Ricky Taira, PhD, Naomi Walker, MD, Nazanin Yaghmai, MD, Ashley Yearwood, MD

DGSOM Statement on Diversity Inclusion

The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee

At the David Geffen School of Medicine, the core values of diversity and inclusion are inseparable from our institutional goals of excellence in all tenets of healthcare, research, education, and community engagement. With the active support of its leadership, DGSOM is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding students, residents, fellows, staff, and faculty from diverse backgrounds who represent the communities served by the University of California.

Our goal is to foster an environment of respect that celebrates the unique perspectives, contributions, and expertise that each individual brings to DGSOM. Through a process of continual reevaluation, reflection, and feedback, we are unwavering in our dedication to achieve justice, equity and diversity inclusion.

Adopted March 2020

"The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it and then dismantle it." ∼ Ibram X. Kendi

Message from the Chair

Chair Dieter Enzmann, MD

Dieter Enzmann, MD 
Leo G. Rigler Chair & Professor 
UCLA Radiological Sciences 
David Geffen School of Medicine



"In order for academic medicine, UCLA Health, and UCLA Radiology to remain true to its social compact, we must assume leadership in solving this pressing societal problem. This requires a longterm, action-oriented commitment and UCLA Radiology takes great pride in having applied the talents and skills under its control to work on alleviating this painful aspect of social injustice."

Full Message

Departmental Objectives

Clinical Care

  • To expand clinical care in Interventional Radiology in partnership with Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital


  • To create a safe and supportive environment for our colleagues and patients through increased awareness and education about individual and institutional biases and health and health care disparities
  • To foster increased interest in medicine for underrepresented groups through research and workplace mentorship

Recruitment, Retention and Promotion

  • To improve the medical student, resident to faculty pathway via education and mentorship
  • To increase awareness among URiM medical students and post graduate students of the specialties of diagnostic and interventional radiology and biomedical science
  • To increase awareness among URiM premedical and sciences students of the specialties of diagnostic and interventional radiology

Health Equity Research

  • To evaluate differences in breast cancer screening practices and adherence to guidelines to improve screening processes
  • To evaluate differences in clinical metrics in newly diagnosed breast cancer
  • To increase guidelines-based utilization of LDCT lung cancer screening by collaboration with breast cancer screening in partnership with community clinics

Radiology EDI Subcommittees

Clinical Care

  • Aarti Luhar, MD
  • Justin McWilliams, MD
  • Ben Plotkin, MD
  • Ashley Yearwood, MD

Education & Outreach

  • Daniel Bradley, MD
  • Theodore Hall, MD
  • Connie Ju, MD
  • Justin McWilliams, MD
  • Ben Plotkin, MD
  • Robert Suh, MD
  • Ricky Taira, PhD
  • Naomi Walker, MD

Recruitment Retention Promotion

  • Ai-Chi Chen, PhD
  • Theodore Hall, MD
  • Connie Ju, MD
  • Barbara Kadell, MD
  • Aarti Luhar, MD
  • Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD
  • Justin McWilliams, MD
  • Shabnam Mortazavi, MD
  • Emeka Okafor, MD
  • Naomi Walker, MD

Health Equity Research

  • Preeti Ahuja, PhD
  • Natalie Cain, MD
  • Saima Chaabane, PhD
  • Stephanie Lee-Felker, MD
  • Aarti Luhar, MD
  • Shabnam Mortazavi, MD
  • Ashley Prosper, MD
  • Nazanin Yaghmai, MD
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