There are a number of ways to get involved in global surgery research at UCLA. The Program for the Advancement of Surgical Equity (PASE) was recently started under the leadership of Dr. Rochelle Dicker and Dr. Catherine Juillard, from the Division of Acute Care and Trauma Surgery, through which there are ongoing partnerships in Cameroon, Uganda, and Colombia. These partnerships currently focus on addressing disparities in access to and quality of surgical and trauma care. Additionally, Dr. Shant Shekherdimian from the Division of Pediatric Surgery has ongoing research collaborations with partners in Armenia. Most recently, research residents Kevin Blair and Dennis Zheng have received funding for their global surgery research through the H & H Lee Surgical Research Grant , the South American Program in HIV Prevention Research (SAPHIR), and the GloCal Health Fellowship.


The Program for the Advancement of Surgical Equity (PASE) strives to reduce surgical disparities locally and globally. Locally, our research is focused on violence prevention, injury epidemiology, and the relationship between injury and mental illness. Globally, we have established long-term partnerships with hospitals and medical staff in Uganda, Cameroon, Mozambique, and Armenia with projects that include establishing trauma registries, cell phone follow-up programs, community based surveys, and quality improvement. In both contexts our goal is to promote equity by highlighting access to care barriers, surgical outcome disparities, and vulnerable populations. We welcome medical students, residents, and fellows to contact us if you have a research idea or are interested in working with us on established projects.

A field hospital outside Mosul.

Resident research spotlight: Photo from a field hospital outside Mosul, Iraq taken by resident Kent Garber during an analysis of trauma care for civilians during the Battle of Mosul, published here

Global Health Funding

Examples of global health research by UCLA surgical faculty: