You may call from your child’s room to order a guest tray by dialing extension 79218.

Please ask your child’s nurse or care partner for a guest tray menu. Parent/guest tray eligibility and rates vary by patient unit and room accommodation.

Private rooms:

Family members of pediatric patients in private rooms are eligible to order one guest tray per day for either breakfast, lunch or dinner for a special rate of $7.

Semi-private rooms:

Parents/guests of pediatric patients in semi-private rooms are eligible to order one guest tray for breakfast at a special rate of $7 in addition to a complimentary lunch and dinner tray each day (blue meal ticket).

Breastfeeding mothers of infant patients:

Mothers of breastfeeding infants are offered discounted meal trays ($4 per meal) that may be redeemed daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mothers may place their guest tray order by dialing extension 79218. However, mothers of NICU patients will go directly to the B-level dining room, ring the nutrition kitchen door bell and the nutrition staff will collect the meal ticket then hand the meal tray to the mother. Mothers of infants on all other pediatric units may have their meals delivered to their babies’ rooms.

Please note: Vouchers for guest trays must be purchased in advance of your order at the main cashier on the first floor of the hospital, Suite 1119 (adjacent to the Gift Shop) between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding UCLA holidays. You may also use meal vouchers issued by the UCLA Health Social Work Department when ordering guest trays. The guest tray meal ticket is cash only, non-refundable and not for use in the cafeteria.

Guest tray vouchers requested after 4 pm or on weekends/holidays must be paid to the cashier in the cafeteria. The guest will obtain a receipt that he or she will then give to the ambassador when the food is delivered.


We recognize that breastfeeding is often the preferred method of infant feeding whenever possible. A UCLA lactation specialist works as part of our team to support breastfeeding infants with special health care needs and to manage breastfeeding problems. If your child is unable to breastfeed at any time during his or her hospital stay, you can express milk with a breast pump and store it for later use when your child is able to eat. We will provide the breast pump and supplies. Expressed breast milk must be labeled with your child’s name, medical record number and the date it was pumped. Please inform your infant’s nurse of any medication that you are taking at this time due to any crossover into the breast milk.

Speak to your nurse about additional instructions and information on breastfeeding, milk expression and storage.