Bereavement and support groups

UCLA offers support groups and other educational programs. Please ask your child’s nurse or physician about any programs that may benefit your child, you or your family.

Family support and hospitality

Our volunteers offer special services to families, including concierge services, complimentary newspapers, family comfort care kits, Art-to-Go kits and more. Call (310) 267-8180 for more information.

Garden of Peace

The Garden of Peace, located to the right of valet parking on Westwood Plaza, offers a tranquil outdoor retreat for patients and their families to enjoy.

International patients

All patients receiving care at UCLA who reside outside of the United States should contact UCLA Health International Services at (310) 794-8759 for assistance with physician appointments, review of medical records, facilitation of care and information about transportation, housing and other resources.

Interpreter, translation and deaf services

UCLA Health’s Interpreter/Translation and Deaf Services program provides services at no cost to all inpatients, outpatients and their relatives. Every attempt is made to provide services in any language. The service will be provided by an in-person interpreter, video conference or telephone. A telecommunications device is available to help hearing-impaired patients or patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Arrangements can be made through Interpreter Services to have a sign-language interpreter assist a hearing-impaired patient. For questions, please call (310) 267-8001 or visit

Maddie’s Room (Surgical Waiting Room)

Maddie’s Room is a comfortable surgical waiting area located on the first floor near the west-side Information Desk. A volunteer from the Recovery Room will call the surgical waiting room to notify the visitor when the patient has arrived in the Recovery Room.

Meditation room/chapel

An interfaith meditation room/chapel is available for meditation, prayer and quiet reflection 24 hours a day. It is located on the first floor, just inside the main hospital entrance, Room 1109. Religious services are also available in the hospital and on campus.

Office of the Patient Experience

Patient liaisons are available to help patients and their families with any nonmedical questions. They assist with various concerns that relate to the overall experience at UCLA, such as quality of care, staff interactions, access to care and general assistance and information. All interactions between patients, or their representatives, and our patient liaisons remain confidential. To reach the Office of the Patient Experience, call (310) 267-9113.

Reflections boutique

Reflections is a boutique and consultation suite designed to help individuals manage the physical changes caused by cancer and its treatment. Reflections is a non-profit organization, part of the Simms/Mann–UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology, which provides a range of services oriented toward optimizing wellness after a cancer diagnosis.

Security and escort services

If your visitors would like to be escorted to their cars after dark, we will provide an escort for their safety. Ask your nurse or the clerk at the nursing station to make the call, or you may call (310) 267-7100.

UCLA Blood & Platelet Center

The UCLA Blood & Platelet Center offers opportunities to donate blood components for a specific patient. Patients may be able to donate for their own surgeries when medically appropriate. Volunteer and directed donors may give specific blood components, including single or double red blood cells, platelets and plasma, through our Automated Blood Collection Program. To schedule an appointment or to schedule a blood drive, call (310) 825-0888 or visit

UCLA Health Apps

Visit our website to download UCLA Health apps available for iPhone and Android:

UCLA Health Ethics Center

Specialists in ethics, in conjunction with the UCLA Health Ethics Committee, are available to help patients, their families and our health care teams address ethical issues. Our ethics specialists assess the values and concerns of those involved and help them better understand the goals of treatment, the plan of care and/or the process of decision-making when patients are unable to do so for themselves. Call (310) 794-6219 with questions.

UCLA Police Department

The UCLA Police Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be contacted by calling the Police Department Dispatch Center at (310) 825-1491. A police officer is assigned to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Monday through Friday. The UCLA Police Department is located at 601 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095.