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The Couple's Guide to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF Course Objective

To provide a broad understanding of the medical and technical aspects of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) relative to various forms of sub-fertility.

IVF Class Outline:

  • Historical perspective of IVF
  • Indications for IVF
  • Purpose of prescreening evaluation
  • Medical strategies for ovarian stimulation
  • Techniques of oocyte retrieval
  • Methods of oocyte fertilization
  • Decisions regarding embryo transfer
  • Complications and Results
  • Third party assisted reproduction
  • Watch IVF Class Videos

Our IVF Team


“I thought the IVF class was informative and concise. Even though I had been through numerous fertility treatments elsewhere (including IVF), I learned valuable information from the presentation. I appreciated hearing more about the research on IVF, including research conducted at UCLA. At other clinics, I was given only the most cursory explanation of what was going to happen and why. I appreciate that the doctors at UCLA want patients to understand the reasoning behind the fertility treatment decisions. I appreciated that a little humor was inserted into the presentation as well! It brought some levity to an emotionally difficult topic.” Read More

IVF Online Class: The Couple's Guide to In Vitro Fertilization

A Seven-Part Online IVF Fertility Class

Please watch all seven parts of the IVF class video so we can serve you better and confirm that you have completed the online course.

Introduction to In Vitro Fertilization,
Daniel Dumesic, MD

Preparing for Your IVF Cycle,
Lindsay Kroener, MD

IVF Protocols & Procedures,
Kathleen Brennan, MD

Oocyte Fertilization,
Meredith Brower, MD

Embryo Transfer, Cryopreservation & IVF Results, Zain Al-Safi, MD

IVF Prescreening Evaluation & Treatment, Ingrid Rodi, MD

What’s New in IVF (Conclusion)
Daniel Dumesic, MD