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Patient Testimonials

Oonagh Sankar

Oonagh S.

"I'm currently in the maintenance phase. I started off around 173 pounds and the lowest I went down to was 143 pounds. This diet program is different than other diet programs where they tell you what you can't do or limit your choices. Here at UCLA, it's a cognitive behavioral approach where you learn how to manage food and manage daily situations. It just becomes a lifestyle and not a diet," says Oonagh Sankar, a nurse at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center joined the Risk Factor Obesity, or RFO, Weight Management Program at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition to lose weight and improve her health. Read more

Susan Whisnant

Susan W.

"I’ve lost 15 pounds. My doctor said it was equivalent to a big 5-gallon water bottle. When you view it that way, it’s pretty dramatic,” says Susan, who joined the UCLA Risk Factor Obesity Weight Management program. “One of the things that I think is different is that this weight program really touches on some of your basic psychological patterns. The classes help with weight loss, and it also helps with life overall." Read more

Arturo and Gilberto

Brothers Arturo and Gilberto

The brothers started the RFO Weight Loss Program at UCLA in January 2008. Both over 400 pounds when they started, they each lost 185 plus pounds by the December 2008 Holidays, one year later.  They commented:  “Wow! What a difference a year makes. We can not believe it. We each have lost more than 185 pounds in exactly one year! The healthy way too. Thanks a million from us and our families. This has completely changed our lives. When we arrived at the program we did not know what to expect but you made it simple. You held out hands and taught us how to succeed.” Read more

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