Spread Awareness: Green Ribbon Campaign

green ribbon

There are so many ways to spread awareness. The simplest way is to spread to word around and wear your Green Ribbon!

Over 31 million people are currently diagnosed with kidney disease and 26 million are at risk! As one’s kidney function declines, it affects a person’s overall quality of life and survival. Decreasing kidney function can lead to complications such as hypertension (high blood pressure), anemia, weak bones, swelling in the arms and legs, a weak immune system, poor nutritional health, and cardiovascular disease. These complications are often irreversible and progress to the need for dialysis and transportation. In severe cases, this may even lead to death with significant morbidity and financial cost. However, through education and the spread of awareness for this deadly disease, we fight Kidney Disease!

Make the first step! Volunteer, get EducatedRegister to become an Organ Donor, and Spread the Word!