Wiseburn Da Vinci | Sports Performance Program

Exos Sports Performance

Raise your game to the next level with EXOS Sports Performance training. This off season program will prepare you to get the most out of your sport by increasing your strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility.

Training Location

Wiseburn Crossfit Box on the Wiseburn High School campus,  201 N Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA.

It is located behind the Wiseburn Gymnasium. From the parking lot, enter in through the gymnasium doors, go down the hallway that leads back outside and take a right. We will be right there.

Training Days & Times

Days of the Week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Training Session 1: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Training Session 2: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

How to Get Started:

Option 1: Fill out this registration form to get class reservation access to training sessions

Option 2: Email Deviny at [email protected] for help

Option 3: Just show up! We can help you in person.

What to Expect out of Off Season Training

Training is a 

Training Days & Times

Days of the Week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Training Session 1: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Training Session 2: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

EXOS Sports Performance Training Components include:

  • Pillar Prep - optimize mobility and stability needed for optimal movement and injury reduction
  • Movement Prep - activate your muscles and nervous system for speed and power training
  • Plyometrics - develop reactivity and quickness through explosive movements
  • Movement Skills - refine your acceleration, top speed, and multidirectional movement patterns
  • Medicine Ball - improve kinetic linking and ability to transfer force with power and stability
  • Strength-Power - develop strength and power qualities that emphasises sport demands
  • Energy Systems Development - develop aerobic and anaerobic qualities that are demanded by individual needs and sport
  • Regeneration - adapt to training through fueling and restoration strategies

Wiseburn + Da Vinci Student Requirements:

  •  This is a Wiseburn + Da Vinci Athletics program that is FREE for all Da Vinci high school students. All active participants must maintain a 2.0 GPA, fill out all the necessary registration forms, and have been cleared by WDV Athletic Director, D.R. Moreland.

Training Calendar

  • Transition Week: Aug 30th - Sept 3
  • Training Cycle 1: Sept 7 - Sept 24
  • Transition Week: Sept 27 - Oct 1
  • Training Cycle 2: Oct 4 - Oct 22
  • Transition Week: Oct 25 - Oct 29
  • Training Cycle 3: Nov. 1 - Nov 19
  • Training Cycle 4: Nov. 29 - Dec 17
  • WINTER BREAK OFF - Dec. 20 - Jan 7th
  • Transition Week: Jan 10 - Jan 14
  • Training Cycle 5: Jan 17 - Feb 4
  • Transition Week: Feb 7 - 11
  • Training Cycle 6: Feb 14 - Mar 4
  • Transition Week: Mar 7 - Mar 11
  • Training Cycle 7: Mar 14- April 1
  • Transition Week: April 4- 8 | 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • SPRING BREAK  - April 11 - April 15
  • Training Cycle 8: April 18 - May 6
  • Transition Week: May 9 - May 13
  • Training Cycle 9May 16 - June 3
  • Transition Week: June 6 - June 10

What is a Training Cycle?

Training cycle are periodized programming blocks designed for maximum performance development. To fully benefit from this program, athletes should aim to commit to the entire 3 week block. These sessions are comprehensive development programs that are beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. Sports performance training builds a foundation for you to maximize your athletic ability in your sport of choice.
  2. Training cycles allows you to learn and master new speed and agility skills to increase your athletic abilities.
  3. Periodization allows you to build the strength and power characteristics you need to express in sport
  4. By building different speed, strength and power characteristics, you will be able to progress safely and properly through development stages to push your limits and increase your overall ceiling as an athlete.
  5. Developing proper muscle mechanics will help you express power efficiently. Use that power to build speed and explosion. And use that speed and explosion to maximize your athletic potential and performance.

What is a Transition Week?

Transition week, or deloading week, will be a movement-focused, skill-building, and recovery session that reduces the physical intensity and volume of the main training cycles, while increasing mental focus through developing new movement and strength skills that we can apply to upcoming training cycles. These sessions are full body programs that are beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. If you’re new to sports performance training, this is a great week to try the program. 
  2. There is no long term commitment.
  3. For those coming out of a training cycle, this is the best opportunity for your body to reset, recover, and fully realize the benefits from the accumulated intensity of the past 3 weeks.
  4. For those starting the next training cycle, this will prime your body to be ready for the upcoming training cycle. The skill-building sessions will focus on the specifically on movements that we will train at a higher intensity during the next 3 weeks.

Additional Perks From EXOS:

  • Additional Training - If you are seeking additional support from EXOS, WDV Students get $100 off all memberships and events. Email Deviny at [email protected] to learn more.
  • Friends & Family of WDV - If you have friends or family members interested in seeking support from EXOS, email Deviny to earn them $25 off memberships and events.
  • Get EXOS Partner discounts with EXOS equipment, recovery, and nutrition partners with this link.
    • Available to Students, Coaches, Faculty, Friends, and Family
    • Onnit, TRX, Trifecta, HyperIce, SKLZ

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