Wiseburn Da Vinci | Sports Performance Program

Promotional picture of Exos Sports Performance Program for WDV Athletics

Raise your game to the next level with EXOS Sports Performance training at WDV Athletics. This program will prepare you to get the most out of your sport by increasing your speed and strength and decreasing your injury potential, all while making sure you can tap into your maximum potential when it matters the most.

Training Location

Wiseburn Crossfit Box on the Wiseburn High School campus,  201 N Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA.

It is located behind the Wiseburn Gymnasium. From the parking lot, enter in through the gymnasium doors, go down the hallway that leads back outside and take a right. We will be right there.

Training Days & Times

Days of the Week: Monday - Friday

Training Session 1: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

How to Get Started:


This is a Wiseburn + Da Vinci Athletics program that is FREE for all Da Vinci high school students. All active participants must maintain a 2.0 GPA, fill out all the necessary registration forms, and have been cleared by the WDV Athletic Director.

Getting Started

  • Option 1: Email Coach Luis at luis.morales@teamexos.com
  • Option 2: Sign up for "WDV Sports Performance" classes on MINDBODY
  • Option 3: Just show up! We can help you in person.

What to Expect out of Exos Sports Performance Program


  • Show up to your commitment. Cancellation windows close 8 hours prior to the start time, so you will be locked in to your commitment by 9:00am.
  • Communicate. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to get the support you need. We can discuss pain/injury concerns, specific goals and timelines, nutrition and performance related topics. 
  • Read. Our program will evolve over time, and we will communicate any major changes to you via the email you provided on your Mindbody account.

Training Components include:

  • Pillar Prep - optimize mobility and stability needed for optimal movement and injury reduction
  • Movement Prep - activate your muscles and nervous system for speed and power training
  • Plyometrics - develop reactivity and quickness through explosive movements
  • Movement Skills - refine your acceleration, top speed, and multidirectional movement patterns
  • Medicine Ball - improve kinetic linking and ability to transfer force with power and stability
  • Strength-Power - develop strength and power qualities that emphasises sport demands
  • Energy Systems Development - develop aerobic and anaerobic qualities that are demanded by individual needs and sport
  • Regeneration - adapt to training through fueling and restoration strategies

Additional Perks From EXOS:

  • Additional Training - If you are seeking additional support from EXOS, WDV Students get $100 off memberships to our facility located at UCLA Health Training Center, Home of the Lakers. Email Deviny at [email protected] to learn more.

  • Friends & Family of WDV - If you have friends or family members interested in seeking support from EXOS, email Deviny and get up to $75 off memberships.

  • Get EXOS Partner discounts with EXOS equipment, recovery, and nutrition partners with this link.
    • Available to Students, Coaches, Faculty, Friends, and Family
    • The Feed, Hyperice, Trifecta