Orientation Guide and Dress Code

Review the following information prior to your Onboarding Follow-Up Appointment.

Orientation guides/Dress Code:

Onboarding Follow-Up Appointment

The Onboarding Follow-p Appointment is required to be completed before proceeding to the Orientation Quiz.

Appointments should last approximately 10-15 minutes (via Zoom). Please arrive on-time, latecomers are not permitted and are required to reschedule.

All Requirements (Clinical or Non-Clinical) must be completed in order to sign up for an appointment. 

You will only be able to sign up for ONE appointment ONLY. If you missed your appointment, you must email the coordinator to remove you in order to reschedule. 

What to Expect:

  • During the Onboarding Follow-Up Appointment, your coordinator will go through your Scope of Duties form and role. 
  • Once all paperwork and health clearance items are cleared, we will also check if we received any other approvals in order to proceed: 
    • If you are a Clinical Research Volunteer or UCLA SRP Student assisting in an IRB-Approved study, you are required to be approved on the IRB study. Our office verifies with the IRB Office to ensure protocol is met before finalizing your clearance.
    • If you are a Research Volunteer or UCLA SRP Student who will have access to materials that require IBC and ARC approvals, our office verifies with the IBC and ARC Office to ensure protocol is met before finalizing your clearance. 
    • The results of the background check are sent to our office electronically. Clearance may take 4-10 business days.
  • If you do not have any other delays (ex. IRB approvals), then we will complete your clearance process after you pass the Final Orientation QUIZ. 
  • Parking is NOT provided for volunteers, for convenience parking locations, please visit: https://thewestwoodvillage.com/visit/parking/
  • Dress Code for Appointment: None (However, please wear appropriate clothing.) 

For any additional questions NOT listed in our FAQs, please contact the UCLA Health Sciences Volunteer Office.