Family Medicine remains a most crucial component of our health care system as it concentrates on the individual as opposed to a specific organ or age group with an emphasis on continuity of care in the context of family and community. In that context we have developed a new model of care, often called a "Patient Centered Medical Home," to more effectively diagnose and treat individuals and families impacted by the nation's epidemic of chronic diseases.

Our focus is on the provision of scientifically-based comprehensive care, for individuals as well as family members of all ages. We provide pediatric, pre-natal, obstetric, adult and woman's health as well as geriatric care. Further, we offer preventive care, travel medicine, cancer screening, medication management, pain medicine and addiction medicine. The UCLA Family Health Center in Santa Monica is our primary clinical site.

We also provide care at the Mid-Valley Family Health Center which is located within an LA County Dept. of Health facility in Van Nuys, the federally supported Venice Family Clinic in Venice and its newest site, the Colen Family Health Center in Mar Vista.