Affiliate Rotation Guidelines

Before completing any other site steps:

1) Annual TB Test & E2

2) Annual Flu Shot

3) FIT Testing

Must be done annually in order to be properly processed at affiliates sites. Reach out to your Program Coordinator if you are unable to attend any of the sessions below. 

4) BLS/PALS certification

Submit a request for approval to avoid paying a fee. Notify the coordinator you're signing up so they can approve the course.
Make sure you have your UID, a contact number and to use your mednet email.

Register here:



On-site coordinator:
Maryellen Alvarez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 424-306-4497

Elizabeth Vasquez
Email: [email protected]

Please review on-boarding steps here as well: 

If you are new to county, please choose NEW from the electronic application found on the link above.  As for all returning residents, please choose REASSIGNMENT when applying.

Please make sure to complete all the steps 2 weeks prior to your rotation.

It is mandatory that you are approved prior to your rotation.

All Residents
1) Go to this link and complete the information so Maryellen can approve your rotation. Select "Harbor" and "Maryellen Alvarez".

2) Fill out the following and send it all to Elizabeth Vasquez at [email protected] and cc [email protected]

3) Health Clearance

  • Annual FIT test required. Offered quarterly at RRUCLA 
  • Sent your completed E2 form and any other requested health documents to Employee Health: [email protected]

New Residents
1) County Livescan required at least two weeks ahead of rotation 

  • Only required if resident has not been livescanned at Harbor or Olive View county hospital
  • Livescan appointment - Harbor HR phone: 424-306-4900

2) Work with Maryellen to schedule Orchid Training one month in advance of your rotation (CLASSES FILL UP!)

  • Classes are Monday at 8:30am and Thursday at 12:30pm. 

Olive View-UCLA

On-site coordinator:
Yvette Pedroza or Lorena Ponce
Email: [email protected] / Loponce@[email protected]
Phone: 747-210-3194
Fax: 747-210-3514
Room 6D124
Hours: Mon - Thur, 6am - 4:30pm

OV Onboarding Guide

OV New Provider Orientation Attestation


OV Computer Access 2017-18

All Residents

1) Complete all forms and email or fax to Yvette Pedroza

2) Go to this link and complete the information so that you are active for your upcoming rotation.

  • Click on "New Assignment" 
  • Sponsor Facility: Olive View-UCLA
  • Sponsor Division: Surgery
  • Sponsor: Robert Bennion

3) Annual FIT test required. 

  • Offered quarterly at RRUCLA
  • or you can make an appointment for a FIT test at Olive View before your rotation start date.

4) Orchid Training required. Work with Yvette Pedroza to schedule training or let her know that you'ved been trained at Harbor and provide your exact training date.

First Time Residents
1) Schedule a livescan appointment at Olive View HR once Yvette Pedroza has approved your completed paperwork. 

  • HR Phone: (818) 364-3311

West LA VA

On-site coordinator:
Dwight John
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (310) 478-3711 Ext. 40263

All Residents
1) Annual TMS Training Required 30 days before rotation start

First Time Residents
1) VA Livescan required more than 2 weeks before rotation; contact VA coordinator to schedule
2) You can also schedule here:

Returning Residents
1) Please check the expiration date on your badge.

  • You are cleared for patient care if your badge is current.
  • If badge has expired, contact VA Coordinator to schedule livescan appointment at least 2 weeks in advance of your rotation

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

On-site coordinator:
Yajaira Sarmiento
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 323-361-5908
Fax: 323-361-7952

1) Complete resident trainee packet (Packet)(Webconnect)

  • Send pages 4 & 6 to your UCLA coordinator once your part is complete
  • Send Webconnect form and all other pages to CHLA coordinator

2) Send CHLA coordinator:

  • Full copy of your immunization records with a current PPD test
  • Copy of your diploma
  • Current CV

Note: You will be required to take a 'KIDS' computer training course ahead of your rotation. Classes usually take place on Mondays from 8am-12:30 and Thursdays from 1-5pm. The CHLA Coordinator will contact you to schedule once your paperwork is turned in.

Santa Monica-UCLA

On-site coordinator:
Michelle Wong
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 424-259-7340
Fax: 424-291-4443

All residents are granted badge access to the 1131 16th street parking. Swipe your ID badge and ensure that your UCLA parking hangtag is displayed at all times.

If you encounter any issues related to parking, email [email protected] with the issue, and provide the following.  The Medical Education Team will submit for access to the SM security ofice.

  • UID
  • Prox ID
  • Name
  • Title (resident physician, dept of head & neck surgery)
  • Parking hangtag #.