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The History of Head and Neck Surgery (PDF) Goldstein, JC & Sisson, GA 1996
In Search of the First Head and Neck Surgeon (PDF) Nelson, WR. 1987
The Making of a Specialty (PDF) Shah, JP 1998
Malpractice in head and neck surgery: a review of cases (PDF) Simonsen, AR et al 2012

Faculty Resident Development

Teaching professionalism in medical education: A BEME systematic review (PDF) Birden et al 2013
The Developing Physician: Becoming a Professional (PDF) Stern & Papadakis 2006



 Ansa Cervicalis Nerve (PDF) Chhetri & Berke 1997
 Effects of Asymmetric Superior Laryngeal Nerve Stimulation on Glottic Posture, Acoustics, Vibration (PDF) Chhetri et al 2013
 Influence of Asymmetric Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Stimulation on Vibration, Acoustics, and Aerodynamics (PDF) Chhetri et al 2014
 Arytenoid Adduction and Laryngeal Reinnervation in the Treatment of Vocal Fold Paralysis (PDF) Dinesh K. Chhetri 1999
 Selective Laryngeal Adductor Denervation-Reinnervation Surgery for Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia (PDF) Dinesh K. Chhetri et al 2006
 Treatment Considerations for Early Glottic Carcinoma (PDF) Jamal, Sofer,&Chhetri 2013
 Principals of Laser Microlaryngoscopy (PDF) Rosen&Simpson 2008


Title AuthorDate
 Management of T-Tube - Educational Slides (PDF) Dinesh Chhetri 2014
 Head and Neck Position for Direct Laryngoscopy (PDF) El-Orbany et al 2011
 Practice Patterns, Safety, and Rationale for T-Tube Changes (link) Tabaee et al 2007
 Improved Method of Insertion of a Montgomery T-Tube (PDF) Verneuil & Berke 1999

Head and Neck Oncology

Head and Neck Melanoma (Book Chapter)(PDF) Andrews & Myers 2011
Perineural invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma: a discussion of significance and review of the literature (PDF) Binmadi, NO & Basile JR 2011
A Genetic Explanation of Slaughter's Concept of Field Cancerization : Evidence and Clinical Implications (PDF) Braakhuis et al 2003
Perineural invasion of head and neck skin cancer: diagnostic and therapeutic implications (PDF) Panizza, B. & Warren, T. 2013
Tumors and Surgery of the Parapharyngeal Space (PDF)Olsen, KD1994
**Posterolateral neck dissection: preoperative considerations and intraoperative technique (PDF)Klein, J.D.; Myers, J; Kupferman, M.2013

Larynx and Hypopharynx

Title AuthorDate
 Concurrent Chemo and Radiotherapy for Organ Preservation in Advanced Laryngeal Cancer (PDF) Forastiere et al 2003
 Laryngeal Cancer in the US: Changes in Demographics, Patterns of Care, and Survival (PDF) Hoffman et al 2006
 Laryngeal preservation with induction chemo for hypopharyngeal SCC (PDF) Lefebvre et al 2012
 Induction Chemo Radioation vs. Surgery + Radiation in patients with advanced laryngeal cancer (PDF) Wolf et al 1991

NCCN Guidelines

Title AuthorDate
 NCCN Guidelines Head and Neck Cancer (PDF) NCCN Reference 2013

Role of HPV

 HPV and Oropharynx Cancer: Biology, Detection, and Clinical Implications (PDF) Allen et al 2010
 The Biology and Life-Cycle of HPV, Review (PDF) Doorbar et al 2012
 Oral HPV Infection in HPV+ Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer and Their Partners (PDF) D'Souza 2014
 Case-Control Study of HPV and Oropharyngeal Cancer (PDF) D'Souza et al 2007
 Improved Survival of Patients with HPV+ HNSCC in a Prospective Clinical Trial (PDF) Fakhry et al 2008
 Quadrivalent Vaccine against HPV to Prevent Anogenital Diseases (PDF) Garland et al 2007
 Prognostic biomarkers of survival in oropharyngeal SCC: Systematic review and meta-analysis (PDF) Rainsbury et al 2013
 The role of HPV infection in HN CA's (PDF) Syrjanen 2010
 What is the best treatment for patients with HPV - Positive and Negative Oropharyngeal Cancer (PDF) Urban et al 2014

Otology/ Audiology

Title AuthorDate
Cochlear Outer Hair Cell Motility (PDF) Ashmore 2008
The remarkable cochlear amplifier (PDF) Ashmore et al 2010
Cochlear Amplification, outer hair cells, and prestin (PDF) Dallos 2008
Total Stapedectomy (PDF) Ishiyama, Glasscock 1998
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (PDF) Kim 2014
Prestin required for electromotility of the OHC and for the coclear amplifier (PDF) Liberman et al. 2002
The role of potassium recirculation in cochlear amplification (PDF) Mistrik & Ashmore 2009
The Genetics of Deafness (PDF) Nance 2003
Ototoxicity (PDF) Rybak & Ramkumar 2007

Pediatric Otolaryngology 

Title AuthorDate
Propranolol for severe hemangiomas of infancy (PDF) Léauté-Labrèze,C, et al 2008
Hemangioma Classification - "A Classic Article" (PDF) Mulliken&Glowacki 1982
Developmental outcomes after early or delayed insertion of tympanostomy tubes (PDF) Paradise, JL et al 2005


RESOLVE: a randomized, controlled, blinded study of bioabsorbable steroid-eluting sinus implants for in-office treatment of recurrent sinonasal polyposis. (PDF)Han, J.K. et al.2014
European Position Paper on the Anatomical Terminology of the Internal Nose and Paranasal Sinuses (PDF)Lund, V.J. et al2014
Distribution of topical agents to the paranasal sinuses: an evidence-based review with recommendations. (PDF)Thomas, W.W. et al2013
"Sinus headache": rhinogenic headache or migraine? An evidence-based guide to diagnosis and treatment. (PDF)Patel, Z.M. et al2013
Basal lamella relaxing incision improves endoscopic middle meatal access. (PDF)Getz, A.E. & Hwang, P.H.2012
Endoscopic Skull Base Reconstruction of Large Dural Defects: A Systematic Review of Published Evidence (PDF)Harvey, R.J.2012
The Outside-In Approach to the Modified Endoscopic Lothrop Procedure (PDF)Chin, D. et al.2012

European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps (PDF)

  • A summary for otorhinolaryngologists (PDF)
  • Pocket Guide (PDF)
Fokkens, W.J. et al.2012
European Position Paper on Endoscopic Management of Tumors of the Nose, Paranasal Sinuses, and Skull Base (PDF)Lund, V. et al.2010
Epistaxis. (PDF)Schlosser, R.J. 2009
Balloon catheter sinusotomy: One-year follow-up--Outcomes and role in functional endoscopic sinus surgery. (PDF)Kuhn, F.A. 2008
Stability of Beta-2 Transferrin in Extracorporeal Cerebrospinal Fluid (PDF) Bleier 2011
Nasoseptal flap and skull base reconstruction (PDF) Hadad 2006
Rhinosinusitis Dx and Management: A Synopsis of Recent Consensus Guidelines (PDF) Meltzer & Hamilos 2011
Long-term Results of Functional Endoscopic Surgery (PDF) Senior&Kennedy 1998
Treatment Options for Chronic Rhinosinusitus (PDF) Suh&Kennedy 2011
CSF Leak Repair (PDF) Woodworth 2013


Recommended by the AAO-HNS

AAO-HNS Position Statement- Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (PDF) AAO-HNS Resource 2014
Adenotonsillectomy Outcomes in Treatment of OSA in children (PDF) Bhattacharjee 2010
The effectiveness of tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy in the treatment of pediatric OSA/hypopnea syndrome: A meta-analysis (PDF) Brieztke 2006
Clinical Guidelines for Evaluation, Management and long-term care of OSA in Adults (PDF) Epstein 2009
Objective Measurement of Patterns of Nasal CPAP Use by Patients with OSA (PDF) Kribbs 1993
Survival of Veterans with Sleep Apnea- CPAP vs Surgery (PDF) Weaver 2004
Adherence to CPAP Therapy- The Challenge to Effective Treatment (PDF) Weaver 2008

Recommended by Dr. Capasso (Stanford Fellowship Director)

Title AuthorDate 
SKUP3 Randomized Trial for UPPP (PDF) Browaldh 2013
Reviewing systematic reviews in OSA Surgery (PDF) Certal 2013
Surgical Options for OSA (PDF) Holty & Guilleminault 2010
Review - hypopharyngeal surgery in OSA (PDF) Kezirian 2006
Sleep Medicine Training during Otolaryngology Residency: A national survey (PDF) Shen et. Al 2011
Upper-Airway Stimulation for OSA (PDF) Strollo 2014

Referenced by Dr. Kezirian in his Podcast

Title AuthorDate 
Validity of Sleep Nasendoscopy in the Investigation of Sleep Related Breating Disorders (PDF) Berry 2005
Collapsibility of the upper airway at different concentrations of Propofol anesthesia (PDF) Eastwood 2005
Treatment OSA with Unilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation (PDF) Eastwood 2010
Influence of OSA and Gender on Genioglossus during REM Sleep (PDF) Eckert 2009 
Increase of the apnoea-hypopnoea index afte...alysis of failure (need pdf) Hessel 2004 
Anesthesia, Sleep, and Upper Airway Collapsibility (PDF) Hillman 2010 
Sleep Nasendoscopy- a diagnostic tool for predicting treatment success with mandibular splints in OSA (PDF) Johal 2005 
Hypopharyngeal Surgery in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (PDF) Kezirian 2006
Changes in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity, Biomarkers, and Quality of Life After Multilevel Surgery (PDF) Kezirian 2010
Interrater Reliability of Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy (PDF) Kezirian 2010
Obstructive sleep apnea surgery practice patterns in the United States- 2000 to 2006 (PDF) Kezirian 2010
Drug-induced sleep endoscopy- the VOTE classification (need pdf) Kezirian 2011
Update on Hypopharyngeal and BOT Mgmt in OSA (PDF) Kezirian 2014
Prediction of Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Outcome- Anatomy-Based System Versus Severity-Based Staging System (PDF) Li 2006
A comparison of sleep nasendoscopy and the Muller manoeuvre (PDF) Pringle 1991
Propofol-induced sleep- Polysomnographic evaluation of patients with obstructive sleep apnea and controls (PDF) Rabelo 2010 
Test-retest reliability of drug-induced sleep endoscopy (PDF) Rodriguez-Bruno 2009
Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation of the Hypoglossal Nerve in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (PDF) Shwartz 2001 
The Efficacy Of Surgical Modifications Of The Upper Airway in Adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (PDF) Sher 1996 
Upper Airway Collapsibility in Habitual Snorers and Sleep Apneics - Eval with Drug-induced Sleep Endoscopy (PDF) Steinhart 2000 

Referenced by Dr. Weaver in his podcast

Title AuthorDate 
Clinical Guidelines for the Evaluation Management and Long Term Care of OSA (PDF) Epstein 2009
Modified uvulopalatopharyngoplasty- the extended uvulopalatal flap (PDF) HY Li 2003
Risk Factors for Serious Complicatons after UPPP (need pdf) Kezirian 2006
Functional Comorbidity Index in Sleep Apnea (need pdf) Levine 2014
The Functional Comorbidity Index is Useful to Predict QOL (PDF) Levine 2013
Expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty (PDF) Pang 2007
A Reversible uvulopalatal flap for snoring and sleep apnea syndrome (PDF) Powell 1996
Transpalatal Advancement Pharyngoplasty Outcomes Compared with UPPP (PDF) Tucker 2005
J Clin Sleep Med dise uas (PDF) Vanderveken 2013
Mortality of Veterans with Sleep Apnea- Untreated vs. treated (PDF) Weaver 2004
Polysomnography vs. Self Reported Measures in Patients with Sleep Apnea (PDF) Weaver 2004
Survival of Veterans with Sleep Apnea- CPAP vs. Surgery (PDF) Weaver 2004
Subjective outcomes of isolated UPPP (PDF) Weaver 2011

Additional Articles

Sleep medicine for surgeons- UCSD (PDF)Davidson 2008
Clinical staging for sleep-disordered breathing (PDF) Friedman 2002
Surgery for Sleep Disorder Breathing (PDF) Hormann&Verse 2010
Hypoglossal nerve stimulation improves obs...onth outcomes (PDF) Kezirian 2014
Operative Techniques (PDF) Maurer 2012
Upper Airway Surgery for OSA (PDF) Sher 2002

Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

Landmarks for Parotid Gland Surgery (PDF) Alexander de Ru 2001 
Use of the afirma® gene expression classifier for preoperative identification of benign thyroid nodules with indeterminate fine needle aspiration cytopathology (PDF) Ali et al 2013 
Thyroid Nodules & Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: ATA Management Guidelines (PDF) Cooper et al 2006 
Total Thyroidectomy: The Evolution of Surgical Technique (PDF) Delbridge 2003 
Medullary Thyroid Cancer: Management Guidelines (PDF) Kloos et al 2009 
Thyroid Tubercle of Zuckerkandl: importance in thyroid surgery (PDF) Sheahan&Murphy 2011 
The Anatomic Basis of Parathyroid Surgery (PDF) Wang 1976

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Cross-facial nerve grafting (PDF) Collar, Byrne, Boahene 2012
The Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap (PDF) Ariyan 1979 
Factors Affecting Cancer Recurrence after Microvascular Flap Reconstruction (PDF) Roosteian et al 2006
Basic Principles of Rhinoplasty (PDF) Staffel -
Outcome and Complications in Microvascular Head and Neck Reconstruction (PDF) Suh et al 2004

Recommended by Dr. Rawnsley

Title AuthorDate
Rhinoplasty, Genioplasty, and Browplasty (link) Rawnsley 2010
Cleft Lip and Palate Cheiloplasty, Otoplasty, and Craniofacial Surgery (link) Rawnsley 2010
Chemical Peels, Facial Reanimation Ethics and Legal Issues, and Psychological Impacts (link) Rawnsley 2010
Fillers, Injectables, Implants; Vascular Lesions; and Lasers (link) Rawnsley 2010
Hair Transplantation, MOHS reconstruction, Flaps, Grafts, and Trauma (link) Rawnsley 2010
Liposuction, Rhytidectomy, Scar Revision, and Analgesia and Concious Sedation (link) Rawnsley 2010
Blepharoplasty, Basic Techniques, Advanced Neoplasia and Reconstruction, General Head and Neck (link) Rawnsley 2010

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