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4th Year Medical Students - Elective Information

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA offers senior medical student electives in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Reproductive Health, High Risk Obstetrics, Gynecologic Oncology, and Inpatient Gynecology. For information about the electives, please access the medical school website: This site contains all course descriptions and application materials for student applying to our courses.  For additional information please email [email protected].

We require that students complete and pass the junior core clerkships in Medicine (12 weeks), Surgery (12 weeks), Pediatrics (6 weeks), and Ob/Gyn (6 weeks) before you begin your elective.

Many of you may be considering our department as a place to do an Ob/Gyn residency. To avoid confusion and possible disappointment, please understand that interviews for our residency are granted by invitation only, and participating in an elective here does not guarantee an interview.

Visiting Student Scholarship for Outstanding Final Year Medical Students

The UCLA Department of OBGYN fourth year medical students for whom working with marginalized populations is a career interest to apply to do a clinical elective at UCLA to experience our culture of excellence, purpose and community at UCLA.  We pride ourselves in serving one of the most diverse cities and strive to provide the highest quality care to all women. We are dedicated to fostering workforce diversity at every level in the department.  For more information >

3rd Year Medical Students - Clerkship Information

In a general sense our objectives are to make you aware of the possible significance of gynecologic and obstetric symptoms and to assist you in acquiring proficiency in the examination of obstetric and gynecologic patients. We want you to gain an understanding of the impact of pregnancy and delivery as well as the impact of gynecologic surgical procedures. With this knowledge you will be able to provide significant assistance to any of your patients who may experience these conditions, regardless of the field in which you practice.

The clerkship is divided into three portions - Obstetrics, Gynecology and Ambulatory Care. You will spend two weeks in each activity.

Obstetrics Those assigned to Obstetrics will report to Labor & Delivery each weekday morning as scheduled by the chief resident in order to participate in the review of patients in labor and those on the ward. Individual patients will be assigned to you by members of the housestaff. Students will be expected to round one day on the weekend as determined by your chief resident.

Gynecology When assigned to the Gynecology Service, you will report for rounds each weekday morning on the inpatients and preparation for the day?s surgical procedures. Individual patients will be assigned to you by members of the housestaff. Students will be expected to round one day on the weekend as determined by your chief resident.

Ambulatory Care Experience with ambulatory patients will be gained in five locations -

Continuity Clinic, Family Planning Clinic, High Risk Obstetrics Clinic, Pelvic Pain Clinic, and Breast Clinic

It is during this ambulatory care experience that you will have your major opportunity to learn the significance of obstetric or gynecologic symptoms and to gain proficiency in the relevant examinations.

Night Call You will be on call no more often than every fourth night during the entire six week rotation. The greater part of your time will be spent in the Delivery Room but you will also accompany members of the housestaff as they evaluate patients with urgent problems ? either inpatients or outpatients seen in the Emergency Room.

Educational Conferences The MANDATORY Problem Based Learning (PBL) conferences take place Monday through Friday. It is intended that these be opportunities for discussion and clarification of ambiguities, rather than lectures, so please read the indicated portions of your textbook listed on the schedule in preparation for these meetings. Additional conferences which you are expected to attend are Grand Rounds, Pre-Op Conference, Case Statistics Conference, High Risk Obstetrics Conference, and Resident Lecture.

Final Examinations The written examination will be held on Friday of Week 6. Your final grade will be based on your performance during clinical activities and the score on the written examination. All students are expected to attain a passing score on the written examination. Should any student receive a score below the 11th percentile of students taking this examination nationwide, he or she will fail the exam and the course and will be given an opportunity to take the examination again. If you pass the repeat examination, your grade will be changed to a Pass. Letters of Distinction are considered for students who score at the 85th percentile or above on the written examination and are judged to have truly exemplary clinical activities.