UCLA is committed to serving the needs of our community.

Here you will find helpful resources including our publications, community events, interactive health encyclopedia, health information centers and more.

Health System Publications
UCLA Health offers publications for consumers and physicians highlighting the latest findings in medicine and research.

Community Calendar of Events
UCLA Health offers community programs and events to help our neighbors lead healthier lives through wellness education and the prevention of illness and injury.

The BirthPlace Educational Programs
The BirthPlace at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center offers a comprehensive educational program to help improve your birthing experience and ease your transition to parenthood. Our program includes a variety of prenatal and postpartum classes for you, your partner or support person, your other children, grandparents and/or other relatives.

Fifty Plus Program
A specially designed free membership program that helps people age 50 or older maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle through a host of special benefits.

Rape Treatment Center
The Rape Treatment Center provides support for victims and a safe, anonymous way to learn how to get help after a sexual assault. Phone number: (424) 259-7208.