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As a global health care leader for more than 60 years, UCLA Health aims to set the standard for high-quality health care. Our mission is to empower health care providers outside the U.S. to meet that same standard, elevating care for patients everywhere.

UCLA offers an array of medical education and clinical training to the global community, tailored to meet your needs. We help prepare physicians, nurses and administrators to lead complex health organizations and command distinguished careers in an ever-changing world.

Medical Education and Clinical Training at UCLA: Why Choose Us?

UCLA Health’s education programs are designed for practicing clinicians and administrators who work in various settings, including clinical practice, teaching, research and public service. Highlights of our program include:

  • UCLA’s world-class instructors: All program curricula are taught by prominent leaders under the UCLA umbrella. UCLA faculty, health leadership, subject matter experts and other renowned specialists share the unique methods they use to manage our organization every day.
  • Highly customizable programs: All of our programs are customizable and can be tailored to match the needs of individuals or organizations. Our international services team can help you determine the right mix of trainings based on your goals or challenges.
  • Range of learning formats: We offer education programs in multiple learning formats to appeal to multiple learning styles. These include in-country programs, classroom-based trainings and distance learning. We accommodate for the different ways people learn, making our courses accessible to all.
  • Culture of excellence: Our education programs share many of UCLA Health’s best practices and areas of expertise. Our faculty, nurses and staff have worked to create an environment where medical and administrative professionals are set up to succeed. We prepare you for a future in which scientific knowledge, societal values, and human needs are ever-changing.

Our Medical Education and Clinical Training Programs

Observe and learn from UCLA’s top clinicians and administrators, in the format and style that works best for you. Our education programs include:

  • Observership programs for nurses and physicians let you immerse yourself in one of UCLA’s clinical programs by shadowing members of our clinical team.
  • Simulation training offers a hands-on learning experience where you can test the latest surgical techniques or medical technologies at our high-tech simulation center.
  • Executive management training provides healthcare executives the chance to learn best practices for hospital management, leadership and strategy.
  • In-country programs bring our subject matter experts to you to provide training in your institution; the content will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Continuing medical education (CME) and continuing nursing education (CNE), such as online courses, cover a range of subjects for different types of medical professionals of all levels of experience.

Learn more about the education and training opportunities that apply to you:

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For all education and training inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call +1 (310) 794-9975.

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