Voice Therapy and Voice Surgery

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UCLA Health is a safe and supportive environment for transgender and gender diverse patients. Call 310-267-4334 to make an appointment.

The mission of the UCLA Gender Health Program is to provide healthcare for the transgender or gender-diverse community that is sensitive to everyone’s individual needs.

Voice is important to quality of life. Our work is in alignment with The World Professional Association for Transgender Health guidelines that state, “The overall purpose of voice and communication therapy is to help clients adapt their voice and communication in a way that is both safe and authentic, resulting in communication patterns that clients feel are congruent with their gender identity and that reflect their sense of self.” We provide voice services in a gender affirming environment.

Voice Therapy

Our speech-language pathologists offer the following services:

  • Voice and communication evaluation
  • Voice therapy for gender congruent pitch, resonance, intonation and articulation
  • Communication therapy for gender congruent communication including visual and verbal messages as well as positive and confident messages
  • Apps to create a personal at-home practice lab
  • Group sessions—Coming soon!

Our expert team:

Voice Surgery

For gender health patients seeking adjustments in pitch which cannot be achieved through voice therapy alone, surgery is recommended in select cases. Within Southern California, the UCLA division of Laryngology is uniquely dedicated to improve the gender health of our patients and will seek health insurance approval and coverage whenever possible. Our surgeons offer nationally leading experience with the following phonosurgical approaches:

Vocal feminization procedures:

  • Endoscopic Transoral Laser Vocal Cord Shortening Phonosurgery
  • External Approaches including Framework Surgery and Cricothyroid Approximation
  • Laryngeal Shave, also known as thyroid chondroplasty or laryngeal chondroplasty, to reduce the prominence of the larynx

Vocal masculinization procedure:

  • External Framework Type III Thyroplasty

Our expert team:

  • Dr. Dinesh Chhetri
  • Dr. Michael Holliday


  • Care Coordination: At the UCLA Gender Health Program, we understand the unique challenges that gender expansive patients face when accessing health care. Providing personalized care often involves collaboration between specialty physicians, and you may not always be certain what step to take next. That's why our Care Coordination Team serves as your first point of contact. Working with the Care Coordination Team is optional - you may always feel free to contact the scheduling line for your preferred provider directly - but we hope that our dedicated team's support makes navigating the UCLA Health system and your gender-affirming care feel simpler. We offer a variety of services to support our gender expansive patients, specifically including: 
    • Providing information about UCLA’s Gender Health Program.
    • Taking an initial intake assessment of each person's health care needs and goals to share with their Gender Health Program providers.
    • Support establishing with one of our primary care providers. 
    • Coordinating referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.
    • Identifying appropriate providers and coordinating referrals for other supportive services.
    • Coordinating insurance and benefits coverage.
    • Advocacy within UCLA Health in all aspects of care.
    • Providing linkages to UCLA and community-based resources.