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UCLA Health is a safe and supportive environment for transgender and gender diverse patients. Call 310-267-4334 to make an appointment.

Why choose UCLA Health for gender health?

Primary care within the UCLA Gender Health Program has a mission to provide comprehensive, affirming healthcare for children, adolescents, and adults who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender-diverse in a way that is sensitive to their unique and individual needs.

For transgender, nonbinary, or gender-diverse patients seeking primary care, our services include:

  • Primary care: We provide primary care at many locations throughout Los Angeles including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Burbank, and Redondo Beach/Torrance. We can discuss any preferences you may have, and connect you with a primary care provider within the Gender Health Program. These services may include:
    • Preventive care: Cancer screenings and associated procedures can be difficult to complete, especially for transgender and gender-diverse individuals who have dysphoria with parts of their body. Based on your medical and biological family history, we can help determine the necessary disease screenings and discuss options to complete screenings in an affirming and sensitive manner. 
    • Vaccinations: We offer a full array of vaccinations and can help you determine which ones would be beneficial for you. 
    • Chronic disease management: We can manage many common chronic medical concerns and refer to specialists for those that are more complex. In many specialty departments, there are providers who have earned the LGBTQ+ champion designation through their particular interest and expertise in health care for the LGBTQ+ community.
    • Sexual health: We can provide options to prevent, test, and treat sexually transmitted infections, prevent pregnancy, prevent or reduce periods, and assist with fertility goals. We ensure that we are practicing trauma-informed care and sensitivity when discussing these topics as we understand they can be difficult to review with providers. 
  • Management of gender affirming hormone treatment and/or referral to specialty care: Primary care physicians within the Gender Health Program can manage a variety of affirming hormone treatments. We can also refer to endocrinologists on our team as needed or desired.
  • Behavioral health services: We provide assessment, brief intervention, and referral assistance for behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and other concerns that may arise. We can also assist with and provide documentation (letters of support) that may be required for insurance coverage of gender-affirming surgeries and procedures.
  • Referral coordination for gender-affirming surgeries: We can refer you to surgeons who provide a variety of gender-affirming surgeries within UCLA. We can assist with coordinating coverage for these services through your insurance, when possible.
  • Care Coordination: At the UCLA Gender Health Program, we understand the unique challenges that gender expansive patients face when accessing health care. That's why our dedicated Care Coordination Team serves as your first point of contact. We offer a variety of services to support you. For more information >