Hormone Therapy

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UCLA Health is a safe and supportive environment for transgender and gender diverse patients. Call 310-267-4334 to make an appointment.

The mission of the UCLA Gender Health Program is to provide healthcare for the transgender and gender-diverse community that is sensitive to each individual's needs. We provide gender affirming hormone regimens to support individual goals. Hormone therapy can be provided by primary care doctors who focus on gender health or by endocrinologists who specialize in hormone management. Services include:

  • Hormone Initiation:  We assist with initiation of individualized hormone therapies, with various medications including estrogen, testosterone blockers and testosterone as needed to fit your goals.

         Estrogen Information (English)

         Estrogen Information (Spanish)

         Testosterone Information (English)

         Testosterone Information (Spanish)

  • Long-term Hormone Management: We will monitor hormone levels over time to assure that your regimen is optimized. We can also manage potential concerns that arise from hormones such as hair loss, acne or changes in sexual function. Additionally, our experts in hormone therapy can assist with adjustments in your regimen as needed for services such as fertility preservation and perioperative optimization. 
  • Care Coordinator: At the UCLA Gender Health Program, we understand the unique challenges that gender-diverse patients face when searching for health care. Providing personalized care involves collaboration between specialty physicians, which is why we have a Care Coordinator as the first point of contact. Our dedicated Care Coordinator provides our gender-diverse patients with assistance in navigating the UCLA Health system, specifically including:
    • Providing information about UCLA’s Gender Health Program.
    • Taking an initial intake assessment in order to understand each person’s health care needs and goals.
    • Ensuring patients are established with a primary care provider.
    • Coordinating referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.
    • Identifying appropriate providers and coordinating referrals for other supportive services.
    • Coordinating insurance and benefits coverage.
    • Advocacy within UCLA Health in all aspects of care.
    • Providing linkages to UCLA and community-based resources.