Neurology Referrals / Consults / Medical Records

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Our neurology team consistently ranks among the best in the country. To find out more about our neurology services, call 310-794-1195.

Referrals / Consults / Medical Records

Referring patients to UCLA Neurology is easy.

No matter where you're located, our neurology referral team will provide you with the personalized help you and your patients need. We are just a phone call or e-mail away!

If you are interested in learning about clinical trials for your patients, you may see the full list of UCLA Health System's guide to Neurology trials.

Physician Referral Required

If you are referring a patient to a UCLA Neurology clinic, please complete the Consultation Form. A number of same-day time slots are available for urgent referrals. If a patient is physician-referred, a timely appointment will be scheduled for a general neurology consultation or for a second-opinion consultation in one of the subspecialty areas.

How to obtain medical records

You may request medical records through your myUCLAHealth account or you may call or visit our medical records office.

Additional resources for healthcare professionals

  • Find a UCLA Neurology physician
  • Continuing medical education
    The mission of the Office of CME is to support the continuing education needs of community practitioners in all areas of clinical practice and surgery by providing interactive state-of-the-art programs which are focused on the improvement of the quality of patient care.