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Sleep and Menopause

Sleep and menopause are closely related to one another.  The physiological and hormonal changes which occur during menopause have a significant impact on sleep.  Sleep symptoms commonly seen in menopause include, but are not limited to, difficulty falling asleep, frequent nighttime awakenings, early morning awakenings and difficulty falling back asleep after an awakening.  Hot flashes, the most common symptom during menopause, can lead to the aforementioned symptoms.  The risk for depression is increased during menopause which itself is intertwined with sleep quality.  There is also an increased risk for primary sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome during the menopause transition. There is evidence that poor sleep over time leads to increased risk of developing chronic medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore essential for patients experiencing menopause symptoms to prioritize healthy sleep habits and seek medical guidance if sleep disturbances persist. At the UCLA Menopause Program, we screen everyone for sleep disturbance and address any problems alongside our sleep specialists.


Online resources which deliver cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. 

Mindfulness App - UCLA Mindful App (FREE)

Music (available on Apple music or spotify or youtube) 

  • Sleep by Max Richter 
  • Weightless by Marconi Union   


  • Say Goodnight to Insomnia - Gregg Jacobs 
  • Goodnight Mind: Turn Off Your Noisy Thoughts and Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Colleen E. Carney and Rachel Manber 
  • The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep – Lawrence Epstein and Steve Mardon 
  • The Insomnia Answer: A Personalized Program for Identifying and Overcoming the Three Types of Insomnia – Paul Glovinski and Art Spielman 
  • The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need – Stephanie Silberman 
  • No More Sleepless Nights – Paul Hauri, Murray Jarman and Shirley Linde 
  • Quiet your mind & Get to sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for those with Depression, Anxiety, or Chronic Pain – Colleen Carney and Rachel Manber 
  • The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook – Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman and Matthew McKay