Cancer Survivorship

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We offer a range of treatments designed to relieve menopause symptoms and increase your quality of life. Call 310-794-7274 to learn more about the Comprehensive Menopause Program.

Cancer Survivorship and Menopause

People with gynecologic cancers often experience either early menopause due to cancer treatment and/or have pre-existing menopause symptoms that may get worse with cancer treatment.  These symptoms, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep changes, mood changes, and disturbances in sexual function, can be distressing to a person who is receiving cancer treatment or is in remission.  At the UCLA Menopause Program, we discuss both hormonal and non-hormonal treatments, lifestyle modification and integrative medicine approaches that can be used to improve a person's quality of life while living with a diagnosis of a gynecologic cancer.  Quality of life is a patient's own perception of her health status.  There has been evidence that improving a person's quality of life with gynecologic cancer can also enhance survival and other treatment outcomes.



Virtual sexual health/intimacy workshop for cancer survivors: 
Cancer and its treatment can significantly impact a person’s relationship with their body, especially when it comes to self-image and sexual functioning. This workshop aims to normalize common physical and sexual challenges in women after a cancer diagnosis. The facilitators will cover topics such as pelvic floor physical therapy, strategies to communicate needs with a partner, and mindfulness-based exercises to enhance self-acceptance. The workshop is held once every 3-4 months and is free. Please visit to reserve a seat. For more information, please call 310-794-6644. FLYER >