UCLA Head and Neck Surgery Sub-Internship Program

2022-2023 UPDATE (As of February 16, 2022):  We are excited to host visiting MS4 students at UCLA!  This has always been an excellent opportunity for us to get to know the future leaders in Head and Neck Surgery, and for applicants to take an in-depth look at our cherished program.  We look forward to hosting you in Los Angeles!  

The UCLA Department of Head and Neck Surgery offers Sub-Internship positions to 4th year visiting medical students at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (SU-SU490.01). Students participate in active outpatient services in Head and Neck Surgery as well as in the care of patients seen in the operating room. Didactic training is also incorporated into the sub-internship with conferences offered weekly.

Application Submission

Prior to sending in formal application materials required by the Dean's Office of Student Affairs, the Department of Head and Neck Surgery requires visiting medical students to submit the following pre-application materials via email to the Head and Neck Medical Education Team (no later than March 7).  Decisions will be made on a rolling basis, so early submissions are encouraged.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • USMLE Transcripts
  • Brief Personal Statement (no more than 500 words)

These items will be reviewed by department faculty members. Applicants selected for participation in the Head and Neck Surgery elective (SU-SU490.01) will be notified and instructed to submit their formal application through VSAS. Please do not submit formal applications through VSAS without establishing contact with the coordinator. The 2022-2023 application materials will be made available on the Dean's Office of Student Affairs website.

Applicants who do not submit their pre-application materials will not be placed.

All pre-application materials should be sent via email to:

Head and Neck Medical Education Team
Subject: Sub-Internship interest - 2022
[email protected]  

Additional Information

  • Final approval is given through the UCLA Dean's Office of Student Affairs. Approval emails are sent out starting in Mid-May and applicants are notified in chronological order, usually 1-2 months prior to rotation start date. Please contact the Student Affairs Office for elective approvals at [email protected].  
  • Three weeks is the maximum time period scheduled for sub-internships in Head and Neck Surgery. If your school requires 4 weeks, you will need to submit a request to the coordinator to be approved by the PD.
  • A formal presentation and formal interviews are held at the conclusion of your rotation with our department faculty.
  • While this sub-internship is an excellent opportunity for you to meet faculty and for faculty to meet you, it should be noted that it is not a guarantee of a residency program interview.
  • Apply to the Visiting Student Scholarship Program