Pediatric Allergy & Immunology Fellowship

The Allergy & Immunology Fellowship at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital was established in 1962 by Sheldon C. Siegel, MD, FAAAAI. The Allergy & Immunology Fellowship is a two to three-year program. We admit trainees from both Pediatric and Internal Medicine residency programs. Our fellowship program features diverse clinical and research training.

Clinical training occurs in both inpatient and outpatient settings and extensively covers allergy, asthma, food and drug allergy, eosinophilic disorders, occupational lung diseases, and primary immune deficiencies. Immunology training includes participation in the UCLA Undiagnosed Diseases Network and deep exposure to genetic immune diseases. Our fellowship program emphasizes an equal mixture of pediatric and adult cases, with roughly half the time during the first year spent on adults and the other on children.

Program Objectives

The program is committed to train fellows to become leaders in the field Allergy & Immunology. We strive for our fellows to acquire expert-level clinical competence. Our fellows can expect:

  • The option for two or three years of study
  • Intensive, hands-on expert-level clinical practice in the care of children, adolescents and adults with routine and complex allergic/immunologic disorders
  • Thorough preparation for a career in clinical practice, research, or both
  • Clinical and laboratory research training

We offer a unique balance of research and clinical training. The program is open to graduates from categorical programs in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine or Med-Peds who wish to pursue a sub-specialization in Allergy and Immunology.

The fellowship is designed to be tailored to each fellow's specific career goals. Fellows interested in a career in clinical Allergy and/or clinical Immunology may select assignments from a broad range of clinical subspecialty electives such as Dermatology, ENT, Pulmonary Medicine and Gastroenterology, among others. Fellows interested in a research track will be trained to perform bench research, clinical trials, or clinical research. Research track candidates who successfully apply for research grants are guaranteed a minimum of 75% protected time in their second and third year to work on their research projects.

Board certification requirements are achieved during the first two required years of the program. Within the first two years the program's main thrusts are Clinical and Educational, while an optional 3rd year offers the opportunity to conduct in-depth Research. Clinical experience includes both pediatric and adult Allergy & Immunology.

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