Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship

The Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship Program at UCLA is an ACGME accredited three-year training program that provides comprehensive training in pediatric gastroenterology, hepatobiliary diseases, nutrition support and pre- and post- liver transplant and intestinal transplant patient care. Our program is specifically directed towards individuals interested in pursuing academic careers in clinical and/or research medicine. The program is under the direction of Sue V. McDiarmid, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Surgery.

Established in 1974 under the direction of Dr. Marvin E. Ament, MD, the program has had a long and distinguished history of clinical, research and educational excellence. There have been over 70 graduates of the program, many of whom have become leaders in the subspecialty of pediatric gastroenterology both nationally and internationally.

The Training Program is designed to provide a broad exposure to clinical gastroenterology, hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders in infants, children and adolescents. The program aims to provide a clinical background with an emphasis on pathophysiology, therapeutics, and prevention as well as on the humanistic, moral, and ethical aspects of medicine. Detailed and comprehensive training in medical decision-making; mastery of a growing number of endoscopic techniques, both diagnostic and therapeutic; an understanding of the sensitivity, specificity, risk-benefit, and cost-benefit of a broad array of diagnostic techniques and therapeutic options; and knowledge of the increasingly complex science that underlies gastroenterology practice, will be obtained by successful completion of the program. As part of the training in pediatric gastroenterology, fellows will be expected to actively participate in research (basic or clinical research) and scholarly activity. The curriculum in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at our institution reflects our commitment to provide the community of pediatrics with academic gastroenterologists who can render high quality clinical care, perform significant laboratory and/or clinical research, and teach effectively.

Our philosophy is to:

  • Teach clinical medicine stressing physiologic principles for every diagnostic and therapeutic decision.
  • Integrate basic science and translational teaching into clinical instruction.
  • Teach the basis for scientific investigation, study design, and the analysis and reporting of study results.
  • Provide opportunities for teaching in order to develop the skills to instruct others in gastroenterology and hepatobiliary medicine.

Please download a description of our training program.