Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship

Hospitalist Fellowship Program

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This ACGME accredited two year fellowship is designed to foster clinical expertise in a variety of hospitalist roles including community pediatrics, tertiary care of children with complex health care needs, newborn nursery care, and consultative services to departments including surgical subspecialties, psychiatry, and emergency medicine, to name a few.

Our program strives to create leaders in academic pediatric hospital medicine with curriculum emphasizing quality improvement, medical education, and research. Trainees may tailor their experience to foster their academic interests, with the expectation of scholarly work as an outcome.

Our goals

  • To provide the clinical experiences and educational opportunities necessary to build a solid foundation of medical knowledge, critical thinking abilities, literature review skills, diagnostic acumen, and technical skills required to be a hospitalist in both community and academic settings.
  • To provide the research training and experience needed for trainees to develop careers as hospital based physicians.
  • To train well-rounded, empathetic clinicians who will continue to develop skills in communication with and counseling of families.
  • To motivate trainees and impart the skills needed for them to become lifelong learners and teachers, and for them to develop leadership skills and work effectively with team members.
  • To impart to the trainees a sense of responsibility to act as advocates for the health of children and families within our society.
  • To prepare future pediatric hospitalists for ongoing changes in the healthcare system including managed care, limitations on resource utilization, and the appropriate use of other subspecialists, non-physician ancillary services, and referral centers.
  • To prepare the trainees to practice culturally competent medical care.
  • To teach professionalism by mentorship, validating the critical roles of personal ethics, responsibility, respect, compassion, communication, and self-awareness.
  • To provide training in an environment of respect and support, recognizing that fellowship training is a difficult and challenging time in one's personal and professional life.

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Adamaris "Addy" Maldonado
Fellowship Program Coordinator 
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