All allowances are subject to appropriate taxes. For additional Benefit & Salary information please visit the UCLA GME website.

  • Housing Stipend: $12,000 for 2020 and 2021 ($1,000 each month, paid as wages and subject to withholdings (i.e., taxes))
  • Annual Educational Allowance PGY1: $500, PGY2+: $1,000
  • Food Allowance: $3,000/year at UCLA hospital cafeterias. Lunches provided at UCLA Noon Conferences. Funds are also provided at Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital and Olive-View Medical Center.
  • Relocation Reimbursement (new hires only, restrictions apply): $2,750
  • License Reimbursement: Covers license, license renewal, USMLE Step 3 fees
  • Uniforms: Mattel scrubs, white coats and UCLA-logo jackets
  • Leaves
    • Family Medical Leave, Pregnancy Disability Leave, CA Family Rights Act
    • Four (4) weeks Paid Parental Leave over the course of 12 months
    • Twelve (12) days Sick Leave (with one year carryover)
    • Four (4) weeks of Vacation
    • Three (3) Holidays
  • Conference Travel: Residents approved to present at conferences will be supported by the Department
  • Global Health Travel: Residents traveling for an international elective to a partner site are given financial support from the Department to offset travel costs and room/board
  • Insurance: Housestaff and dependents eligible for health, dental and vision care insurance benefits. Life insurance and disability insurance are available
  • Behavioral Wellness Center (BWC): Free mental health & counseling center with hours to support the needs of residents & medical students
  • Fatigue Mitigation Program: Reimbursement of Uber/Lyft ride home and back to work if you are too tired to drive home
  • Miscellaneous: AAP Membership

Program Events

  • Retreats: Our program provides residents with the opportunity to attend a Fall and Spring retreat to relieve residents of duties, have fun, and to conference about related residency topics. The Fall retreat is held at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center and the Spring retreat is held at the UCLA Sunset Recreation Center.
  • Happy Hours: Both planned and impromptu, are well-attended and add to the strong support network and culture of the training program. 
  • Senior Banquet: Senior Banquet celebrates our Senior residents as they graduate from the residency program to start their careers as Pediatricians and Fellows.