UCLA Endocrine Surgery Research Fellowship

The purpose of the UCLA Endocrine Surgery Research fellowship is to prepare surgical trainees for a career in academic surgery and to advance the field of endocrine surgery.


The UCLA endocrine surgery research fellowship is a two-year, full-time research experience for general surgery residents who are currently enrolled in an ACGME-approved residency program.

Research fellows will participate in health services and clinical/translational research. Our research fellows gain expertise in:

  • Grant writing
  • Study design
    • Clinical trials
    • Database studies
    • Retrospective studies
  • Statistical analysis
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Scientific presentation

Mentoring and Support

Our research group includes 4 endocrine surgery faculty and 2 endocrinology faculty who will provide mentoring to the research fellow.  Research fellows will also be supported by our two biostatisticians and medical students. Fellows will have many opportunities to collaborate with faculty in endocrinology, pathology, and radiology. Trainees will become familiar with all facets of endocrine surgery through participation in weekly research conferences, multidisciplinary endocrine tumor board, and endocrine pathology conference.

UCLA Endocrine Surgery Research Fellowship Mentoring and Support

Academic conferences

Our research team regularly attends the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons annual meeting in the Spring and the American Thyroid Association annual meeting in the Fall.  Other meetings we attend include the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress, the Pacific Coast Surgical Association annual meeting, and local/regional meetings.  The Section of Endocrine Surgery will fund all travel expenses for two meetings per year for the research fellow.


Candidates are encouraged to apply for external funding prior to the start of the fellowship.  We will provide mentorship for this process.  Internal funding is available on a competitive basis. Salary will be commiserate with PGY3 level.

Research Team Faculty Members

Dr. Michael Yeh
Dr. Masha Livhits
Dr. Kyle Zanocco
Dr. James Wu
Dr. Angela Leung
Dr. Melissa Lechner

Length of Program

2 years, beginning in July 1st of each year.

UCLA Endocrine Surgery Research Fellowship Length of Program


Candidates must be general surgery residents actively enrolled in an ACGME-approved residency program, who have completed 2-3 years of clinical training before the start date of the research fellowship.

Number of Positions

One per academic year

How to Apply

Access the online application

In addition to completing the application, you will be asked to supply:

  • Cover letter
  • Current curriculum vitae


James Wu
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Department of Surgery
CHS 72-128
10833 Le Conte Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095
[email protected]

Research Fellowship Alumni

Max Schumm – Completing general surgery residency at UCLA
Catherine Zhu – Completing general surgery residency at UCLA
Eric Kuo – Incoming Endocrine Surgery Fellow at Columbia 2021
James Wu – Endocrine Surgeon at UCLA
Lilah Morris – Endocrine Surgeon at University of Arizona

Recent Publications (past 5 years)

Past research fellows have published up to 13 peer-reviewed manuscripts arising from their experience with our group.

Patient experience with electronic health record–integrated postoperative telemedicine visits in an academic endocrine surgery program
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