Leonard S. Marks, MD

Professor and deKernion Endowed Chair
UCLA Department of Urology

Prostate cancer is the most common internal malignancy in U.S. men.  Approximately 190,000 new cases and 33,000 deaths are expected during 2020, making it the second most common cause of cancer death in men.  Most cases of prostate cancer are curable if treated while localized to the prostate. However, identifying a cancer within the prostate is often not possible with conventional ultrasound  imaging; thus, treatment has traditionally involved surgery or radiation of the whole gland.

Now, with the advent of magnetic resonance imaging and targeted biopsy (pioneered at UCLA),  a focal treatment or partial gland is possible for many men. Our group aims to leverage the accuracy of imaging and biopsy to treat prostate cancer in a way that ablates the cancer cells but leaves the majority of healthy cells undamaged.  The focal-therapy approach reduces the side effects of surgery or radiation; furnishes a good chance at a cure; and still allows aggressive treatment  to  be done later if necessary.

Targeted  Prostate Biopsy

Targeted Prostate Biopsy
UCLA is working to revolutionize detection of prostate cancer with our Targeted Biopsy Program. Using cutting-edge technology such as the Artemis needle tracking system, we are able to target tumors with unprecedented accuracy. This enables us to track the progression of cancer in our Active Surveillance Program, thus sparing many patients the high costs and harmful side-effects of surgery. Watch our videos to learn about prostate cancer and targeted biopsies, and follow our progress as we work towards focal therapy! Publicly available, peer-reviewed publications can be found using the links below:

  1. Targeted Biopsy in the Detection of Prostate Cancer using an Office-Based MR-US Fusion Device
  2. Clinical Application of a 3D Ultrasound-guided Prostate Biopsy
  3. Largest Study of Targeted Biopsy


Leonard S. Marks, MD

Leonard S. Marks, MD

Professor and deKernion Endowed Chair in Urology, Dr. Marks received his medical degree from the University of Texas, graduating with AOA honors and a Masters of Arts in Physiology in 1969. He was named a Fellow and Post-Doctoral Research Scholar at UCLA School of medicine and completed his residency at UCLA. Dr. Marks's current research focuses on improving prostate cancer diagnostic measures and outcomes; exploring and assessing efficacy of active surveillance and various focal therapy treatments, including cryoablation, HIFU, and FLA for primarily low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer. He is an authority in targeted MRI fusion prostate biopsy and has authored more than 120 peer-reviewed scientific publications on prostate research.

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