Cancer Data Sciences

Our passion is cancer research. Not just cancer research into furthering our knowledge of this terrible disease: we are absolutely committed to changing clinical practice by developing highly personalized forms of treatment. Using computational techniques, we analyze very large datasets containing billions of data points to create clinically useful diagnostics that personalize therapy. As “Big Data” researchers, we both apply existing techniques and continuously work to improve them and create new methods. We hope to influence and facilitate the next generation of researchers, who will use these techniques to cure cancer and improve human health and well-being in ways we can’t imagine today! Much of our work to date has focused on prostate cancer, but we are increasingly applying the same techniques to cancers of the kidney, bladder and other sites, and discovering fascinating commonalities across them.

Boutros Lab

Led by Principal Investigator Dr. Paul C. Boutros, our team comes from individuals with diverse research backgrounds. Some of us are students, ranging from undergraduates to graduates, and clinical trainees. Others of us are full-time research staff, including Bioinformaticians, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Statisticians, Post-doctoral Associates, and others. We joined the team with backgrounds ranging from Bioinformatics to Biochemistry, Computer Science to Chemistry, and Physics to Statistics. This diversity allows for a fruitful, collaborative environment yielding great productivity and exciting research. We are rapidly growing: if you want to join us, check out the UCLA Job site for our current openings!

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Paul C. Boutros, PhD, MBA

Paul C. Boutros, PhD, MBA

Paul earned his B.Sc. degree from the University of Waterloo in Chemistry in 2004, and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto, Canada, in Medical Biophysics in 2008. At Toronto, he also earned an executive M.B.A. from the Rothman School of Management. In 2008, Boutros started his independent research career at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research first as a fellow (2008–2010) and then as principal investigator (2010–2018). He moved to California to join the UCLA faculty in 2018.