UCLA Cardiovascular Innovation Center (CIC)

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The UCLA cardiovascular team cares for all types of heart and vascular conditions. Call 310-825-9011 to connect with a cardiovascular customer care specialist.


The UCLA Cardiovascular Innovation Center (CIC) is a collaborative ecosystem for researchers, clinicians and staff to ideate and stress test new ventures that redefine the future of cardiovascular care. The CIC guides the development and maturation of promising early-stage ideas and products in digital health, medical devices and translational science through a network of expert advisors.

How We Operate

The CIC serves as the nexus for people interested in medical innovation to identify and develop solutions for unmet clinical needs and care gaps in cardiovascular disease. The foundation of the CIC is supported by three pillars:

I. Internal Development

The CIC serves as an internal resource for UCLA innovators to explore, create, validate and commercialize their promising solutions for cardiovascular disease. By leveraging a diverse network of cross-functional experts across UCLA and the broader ecosystem of Los Angeles Innovation, the CIC provides guidance, mentorship and advisory services for products at all stages along the development pipeline.

II. External Partnership

The CIC interfaces with industry collaborators from startups to larger organizations to strategically develop, pilot and clinically validate solutions. The CIC will assist to coordinate and external partnerships with institutional goals.

III. Knowledge

The CIC acts as a hub to advance education and build an Innovation community for UCLA students, clinicians, researchers and staff. By providing centralized resources, working sessions and forums to learn new skillsets necessary for success in the innovation and inventive pathways, the CIC aims to train and develop future leaders in healthcare.

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