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We offer a wide range of treatments, including laser refractive surgery.

Services Offered

The UCLA Laser Refractive Center (LRC) is a full-service vision correction facility. It has the equipment, supplies and surgical staff necessary for a refractive surgeon to perform a variety of corneal refractive procedures.

To receive care at the LRC, a potential patient must first arrange a free consultation with one of the ophthalmologists who utilizes this facility. A complete list of refractive surgeons can be found under Our Doctors. Preoperative and postoperative examinations are performed at the doctor’s office. See the Screening Consultation page for more details.

When preparing for a screening consultation, it is important for soft contact lens wearers to be out of their lenses for at least 3 days and for rigid contact lens wearers to be out of their lenses for at least 3 weeks.

Following the screening consultation and a subsequent comprehensive preoperative evaluation, surgery can be scheduled at the LRC by the surgeon’s staff if a patient is eligible for surgery.

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