Pulmonary Function Lab

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PFL SM Staff

We have specially trained Respiratory Therapists that work in our Pulmonary Function Lab. They perform various tests including spirometry, lung volumes, diffusing capacity, bronchodilator challenge, methacholine challenge, and maximal pressures to asses lung function.

Pulmonary Function Tests are a diagnostic tool used for detecting, characterizing and quantifying the severity of lung disease. Routine testing may also be done to monitor the course of disease and also response to treatment and medication in chronic patients. The PFT testing population is Pediatrics (5 yrs and above) through Geriatrics.

Pulmonary Function Lab

In addition to the tests mentioned above, the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Pulmonary Function Testing Lab (location in Westwood) also performs tests such as the 6 minute walk test, ambulatory oxygen studies, exercise induced bronchospasm studies, shunt studies, high altitude simulation test, cardiopulmonary exercise test, calorimetry studies and overnight oximetry studies.

Other indications for testing include to:

  1. Assess the potential effects or response to environmental or occupational exposure
  2. Assess the risk for surgical procedures known to affect lung function
  3. Assess impairment and or disability

Lab Locations

Westwood Lab
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 302
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Santa Monica Lab
1250 16th Street, Room G314
Santa Monica, Ca 90404

To schedule an appointment for a Pulmonary Function Test at either Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center or at UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica, call our centralized appointment desk at (310) 794-9721.

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