New-Hire Examinations

Prepare for your Visit

Prepare for your visit

In addition, new-hires are asked to bring the following to their appointment:

  • Medical documentation, if requesting work restrictions and/or accommodations

  • List of Prescription Medications

  • Corrective Lens, if applicable

Immunization Records

Immunization records include the following:

Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella

Documentation of 2 doses of MMR and Varicella or titers that indicate immunity.                                                      

Hepatitis B Screening

Immunization records showing proof of 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations or laboratory evidence of immunity.

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis Vaccine (TDaP)

Documentation showing immunization records of TDaP within the last 10 years.




Completed series of COVID-19 vaccines plus boosters.

If new-hires are unable to provide evidence of immunity or proof of vaccinations, this will be available during your appointment.

What to Expect

We kindly ask that new-hires allow at least 3 hours for the initial visit. The new-hire screening usually consists of:

  • A Physical Examination

  • Immunization Review

  • Drug Screen

  • TB Test (Quantiferon Lab Draw)

OH team


Click on the map for directions to our office!


Tiverton Av-Le Conte Av Street view

Directions to Parking Structure 18                                                                                            

From Bank of America

  • Head East onto Wilshire Boulevard,
  • Turn left onto Malcom Avenue,
  • Turn left onto Le Conte Avenue,
  • Turn right onto Tiverton Avenue,
  • Your destination is on the left:
    • 10833 Le Conte Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90024, United States

Directions from Parking Structure 18 to Occupational Health

From Level A

  • Follow signs for Main Entrance to the building.
  • The entrance is on the East side of the parking structure.
  • Enter building and go up the ramp and past another door to arrive in the main corridor.
  • Once in the main corridor turn left. Go straight and follow signs for Elevator C. Elevator C will be on the left.
  • Take Elevator C up to Level 1.
  • Exit Elevator C on Level 1 and turn left.
  • Go straight and turn left in the main lobby and Occupational Health will be on the left.