Prepare for your Visit

New Hire Examination Workflow

In addition, new-hires are asked to bring the following to their appointment:

  • Valid U.S Photo Identification or passport 

  • Medical documentation, if requesting work restrictions and/or accommodations

  • Corrective Lens, if applicable

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Immunization Records

Immunization records include the following:

Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella

Documentation of 2 doses of MMR and Varicella or titers that indicate immunity.                                                      

Hepatitis B Screening

Immunization records showing proof of 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations or laboratory evidence of immunity.

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis Vaccine (TDaP)

Documentation showing immunization records of TDaP within the last 10 years.

Other Vaccinations


Up-to-date with COVID and Influenza (seasonal).


If new-hires are unable to provide evidence of immunity or proof of vaccinations, this will be available during your appointment.

What to Expect

We kindly ask that new-hires allow at least 90 minutes for the initial visit. The new-hire screening usually consists of:

  • A Physical Examination

  • Immunization Review

  • TB Test (Quantiferon Lab Draw)


Tiverton Av-Le Conte Av Street view

Directions from Parking Structure 18 to Occupational Health

From Level A

  1. Follow signs for Main Entrance to the building.
  2. The entrance is on the East side of the parking structure.
  3. Enter building and go up the ramp and past another door to arrive in the main corridor.
  4. Once in the main corridor turn left. Go straight and follow signs for Elevator C. Elevator C will be on the left.
  5. Take Elevator C up to Level 1.
  6. Exit Elevator C on Level 1 and turn left.
  7. Go straight and turn left in the main lobby and Occupational Health will be on the left.