Tuberculosis Screening

New Tuberculosis (TB) Annual Screening

Only employees with risk factors for TB (based on the Annual TB Risk Questionnaire) will need to obtain a blood draw to screen for TB. This is to be completed annually during the month your TB clearance is due to expire. 

Follow these instructions:

  1. Determine the month you are due for TB Screening. Usually, it is the month in which you were hired. If you are unsure, your immediate supervisor can assist.
  2. Log into your MyChart and complete the Annual TB Risk Questionnaire. 
  3. After completing the Annual TB Risk Questionnaire, you will be given directions on your next steps.

If you do not have risk factors, the survey will end with a reminder to complete the Tuberculosis Education module.

If you have risk factors, a TB SYMPTOM Questionnaire will launch automatically. Complete it, then proceed to OH, or a UCLA blood draw clinic, for TB labs blood draw. Finally, complete the Tuberculosis Education module.


The Annual Update will contain information about TB, complete this as you normally would. If you do not receive the Annual Update, search within Cornerstone for "UCLA Annual Tuberculosis Education Module".

Obtaining an Annual TB Test

Employees are eligible to obtain an annual TB test within one year of their most recent TB screening. Annual TB tests obtained outside of UCLA are not covered by Occupational Health.

Visiting Occupational Health

  1. Walk-ins are welcomed or "Join the line" to the virtual waiting room by:

   Download Qless app

   Text UCLA to (818) 405-9813

   Scan QR code

QR code
  1. Bring your Employee ID badge with you!

Visiting UCLA Outpatient Labs

  1. Download the Occupational Health TB Questionnaire and TB Requisition Form.
  2. Choose from the following locations*:

       Santa Monica Lab - 16th Street

       Westwood Lab - 200 Med Plaza

For other lab locations, click here.

*Call your desired location to ask if QFTs are offered 

  1. Bring the TB Requisition form to the outpatient lab. The lab will be collecting the specimen and completing the form.

For TB tests completed outside UCLA, a copy of the lab report is needed for clearance. The lab report must include your full name and DOB printed on it. Email your document to [email protected] for clearance.