Classes & Events

UCLA Mindful offers classesdaylong eventsworkshops, a weekly podcast, free guided meditations, and free virtual drop-in meditations.


Drop-In Meditations

Every Monday and Thursday at 12:30pm, UCLA Mindful holds free, drop-in, 30-minute guided meditation sessions.

You can join live or listen to the recorded meditations by downloading the UCLA Mindful App, streaming*, or downloading these podcasts from our site.

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Mindful Awareness Practices

Mindful Awareness Practices are the signature evidence-based educational programs of UCLA Mindful. These class series are open to the public and to all UCLA staff, faculty, and students.


Daylong Retreats

UCLA Mindful programs numerous daylong retreats throughout the year. Some daylongs are designed for beginners, and some are designed to help deepen an already existing mindfulness practice with exercises such as eating, walking, and sitting meditations.

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