Overview of the Project

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Welcome to Iris Cantor UCLA-Women's Health Center Reproductive Health Metadata Project. This project was developed to help researchers and students learn more about available reproductive health data in California and Los Angeles County. We have compiled a list of administrative databases that researchers use to answer various research questions. To help you with your own investigations, we have included common bits of metadata so that you are more familiar with the procedures to acquire these data, frequencies these data are collected, agencies responsible for collecting and maintaining the data, and where you can visit them on the web to learn even more. In very short time, you should be prepared to take the first steps to gather the data you need to test your hypothesis!

If there are any errors in the metadata, suggestions for data collection websites, or if their respective administrators change protocols or collection efforts, we'd love to hear your feedback and will make every effort to keep these data links up to date.

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For more information about the Reproductive Health Metadata Project, please contact:

Efren Aguilar
Geographic Information Systems Unit Chief
UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities
[email protected]