Composting is a natural process to recycle organic materials such as paper towels, food waste, and cardboard takeout containers. At UCLA Health, we provide green composting bins for patrons and staff in our dining commons, staff breakrooms, and restrooms. Find the green liner in those areas to properly divert your compost waste from the landfill.

View the Athens Cheat Sheet for Recycling, Landfilling, and Composting diversion.

Compostable Items


Paper Composting

Common Items for Paper Composting

Organic Composting

Common Items for Organic Composting


Compost bins can be found in the Dining Commons, Restrooms, and Staff Lounges. 

Centralized waste at UCLA Health is a new process by which occupants in medical offices will be provided a centralized waste bin with three streams (compost, recycle, landfill). In the offices, occupants will bring and sort their waste to the centralized bins. Learn more about Centralized Waste, see the Centralized Waste FAQ here

Compost Bins

Bathroom Composting     Outdoor Composting        Centralized Waste

Bathroom Compost
Outdoor Compost
Centralized Waste








Compost Liners

Compost Liners are green - the green liner signals to patrons that only compostable items should be placed in that bin. The green liner also helps our Environmental Services and Food Services staff identify that the bag should be placed in the large compost receptacle.


To order a recycling bin, please contact your department buyer.

If you have any questions, please contact UCLA Health Sustainability 


Compost Sheet

Questions? Contact UCLA Sustainability at [email protected]