The UCLA Health Materials Management team works diligently to ensure all textiles can be reused. UCLA Health partners with local vendors to launder and sanitize textiles used by patients and employees. The Materials Management team also finds unique solutions to use reusable materials and move away from disposables. Finally, when the textiles are at end-of-life, the team works with local partners to keep as many items from the landfill as possible.

Pillows, Lab Coats, Uniforms, Patient Linens, Isolation Gowns & Gait Belts


  • Pillows are cleaned by Environmental Services custodian staff between each patient use
    • Pillow Cases are placed in the soiled linen bin for laundering
  • For additional pillow cleaning, please contact Environmental Services

Lab Coats, Uniforms, Patient Linens, and Isolation Gowns & Gait Belts

  • Used items must be placed in the soiled linen bin for laundering 

Pillows, Lab Coats, Patient Lines, Isolation Gowns & Gait Belts

  •  End-of-Life items must be sent to Materials Management for proper disposal


  • Uniforms can be placed in the soiled linen bin, sent to Materials Management, or taken to the UCLA Health Uniform Department

Lab Coats

  • Material Management reuses the Lab Coats buttons and pockets


  • Uniforms are laundered and kept on-site for staff emergencies, staff traveling abroad, and generic scrubs
  • Materials Management donates unused Uniforms pants to a local partner

Patient Linens

  • Materials Management ensures that all products are given a purpose before they are donated or recycled. The linen team launders unusable patient linens for various uses such as: Flood control, EVS transport, deceased affairs, lab uses, school of medicine, patient therapy, disaster preparedness, world disasters, animal research, school of medicine, and many more!
  • Unused patient linens are donated to a local partner

Pillows, Lab Coats, Uniforms, and Isolation Gowns & Gait Belts

  •  End-of-Life items are sent to Materials Management for landfill

Patient Linens

  • End-of-Life Patient Linens are recycled with a local partner


*Patient Linens are made of a material that can be properly recycled, whereas the other textiles are not able to be recycled