UCLA Health offers Light Bulb collection and recycling for employees. We partner with Clean Earth Hazardous Recycling services to ensure safe, reliable processing and recycling of our light bulbs.

Light Bulb Recycling

  1. Submit a Support Services Request for Facilities to pickup the unneeded light bulbs
  2. Facilities picks up Light Bulbs and places them in the appropriate staging area
  3. Clean Earth services the light bulbs and ensures the safe destruction and disposal of dangerous chemicals and processes plastics and metals for recycling

Clean Earth accepts all Light Bulbs for Recycling

Light bulb Flow

Our recycling partner, Clean Earth, handles the universal waste in a responsible way that is legally compliant and reduces their potential environmental impact. Clean Earth ensures the safe destruction and disposal of dangerous chemicals that could otherwise end up in a landfill, and they reduce the total amount of waste by processing the resulting components such as plastics and metals for recycling.

Light Bulbs

Questions? Contact UCLA Sustainability at [email protected]