Medical Equipment Resale

Medical Equipment Resale

UCLA Health is partnering with Centurion Services Group to re-sell medical equipment to over 17,000 registered buyers. This sustainability initiative is an efficient, financial opportunity for UCLA Health that will divert thousands of pounds of equipment from entering the landfill.

Medical Equipment that is no longer used by the health system can now be collected and resold to other healthcare organizations around the world. Employees and Departments can find information regarding the resale process below.

For quick information, click on the FAQ here.

Note: This process is only for Medical Equipment. All Furniture, Fixtures, and Non-Medical Equipment disposal should refer to the FF&E Disposal section of the Zero Waste website.

How to Resell Medical Equipment

View the Centurion Equipment List to determine if the item should be re-sold via this process.

Centurion List of Items

If you are unsure if the item can be re-sold via this process, please contact UCLA Health Sustainability.

Fixed Asset: Equipment that is physically a part of the building or that requires facilities to remove

Mobile Asset: Equipment that can be moved or transported without the need for facilities

For examples of Fixed and Mobile Assets, see the Centurion Equipment List. If you are unsure if the item is a Fixed or Mobile Asset, please contact UCLA Health Sustainability.

Fixed and Mobile Assets:

  • IT Equipment: Contact Office of Compliance – IT Security or call UCLA Health IT Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE (x7-2273)
  • Clinical Engineering Equipment: Contact [email protected] to receive “Authorization to Remove Equipment from Active File”
  • Inventoried Items > $5,000: Department Custodian complete Lawson UM40: “Create Asset Disposal Document”
  • High Value Equipment (Original Purchase Price > $50,000): Contact Albert Fan [email protected]

Fixed Assets:

Ready for pickup?

Complete the Qualtrics Survey Form here

Make sure to include the following details in the Qualtrics Survey:

  • Approval Documentation
  • Pickup Information
  • Equipment Details

For assistance completing the Qualtrics form, please refer to the How-to Guide here.

For further questions or more information please contact UCLA Health Sustainability