The landfill is our last resort for products that we cannot reuse or recycle. The landfill bins are usually gray or beige accompanied with a clear liner. By policy and practice, UCLA Health is committed to first reducing unnecessary purchasing of disposable items, then evaluating reusability of items, and then finding the best ways to recycle items. Only landfill an item if it cannot be recycled or composted - these items sit in a large landfill and take years to decompose (if they do at all!).

View the Athens Cheat Sheet for Recycling, Landfilling, and Composting diversion.


Landfill Plastics

Examples of Common Landfill Items


Landfill bins are found in Common Areas, Office Spaces, and Clinical Settings.

The landfill is the last option for throwing out an item - it should only be chosen if the item cannot be reused or recycled.

Landfill Bins

     Clinical Setting         Common Areas          Office Spaces

Landfill Jim
Common Landfill
Centralized Waste









Centralized waste at UCLA Health is a new process by which occupants in medical offices will be provided a centralized waste bin with three streams (compost, recycle, landfill). In the offices, occupants will bring and sort their waste to the centralized bins. Learn more about Centralized Waste, see the Centralized Waste FAQ here

Landfill Liner

Landfill Liners are clear - the clear liner signals to patrons that only landfill items should be placed in that bin. The clear liner also helps our Environmental Services staff identify that the bag should be placed in the large landfill receptacle.

Landfill Liner

To order a recycling bin, please contact your department buyer.

If you have any questions, please contact UCLA Health Sustainability 


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 Questions? Contact UCLA Sustainability at [email protected]