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UCLA Department of Ophthalmology Annual Seminar June 7, 2024

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The UCLA Department of Ophthalmology Annual Seminar is designed as an update course covering current clinical and research aspects of selected ophthalmic sub specialties. The 1-day program includes the full time faculties of both the Stein Eye Institute and the Doheny Eye Institute, along with nationally prominent invited lecturers. The sessions will address current best practices in management, advanced surgical techniques, latest diagnostic technology, and translational research, in multiple educational formats, including didactic lecture, panel discussion, and case-based interactive presentations.


Featured Panelists 

Joseph F. Rizzo III, MD 
Simmons Lessell Professor of Ophthalmology
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

Russell N. Van Gelder, MD, PhD 
Boyd K. Bucey Memorial Chair, University of Washington Department of Ophthalmology 

Tamara R. Fountain, MD 
Professor of Ophthalmology, Rush Medical College Department of Ophthalmology 

Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD 
Former Clinical Professor, UCLA Department of Ophthalmology, Santa Monica, California

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