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About Our Unit


The GONDA Diagnostic, Observation and Treatment (DOT) at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is a special short-stay unit for patients requiring observation for a specific symptom. Your physician may place you in the GONDA DOT for monitoring before determining if you will be admitted to the hospital or sent home. If the duration of your time in the unit is less than 48 hours, your stay is considered an outpatient visit.

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What you need to know about GONDA DOT

A registered nurse will check your condition and provide a restful area, food (if permitted by your physician), pain control and blankets to keep you warm. You will receive the same level of world-class and compassionate care as you would throughout UCLA Health.

When your physician approves you to go home, the registered nurse will help you prepare for discharge.

Please note that for your safety, GONDA DOT will not be able to dispense pain medication prescriptions upon discharge for more than five days. It is important that you contact your primary care doctor within that time period for close monitoring and ongoing adjustments of your pain medications.

Your stay in the GONDA DOT will be billed as an outpatient visit on an hourly basis, and you will be responsible for any co-payments, deductibles or other charges that may apply. Inpatients admitted to the GONDA DOT are not billed on an hourly basis. If you have any questions, please call the Admissions Office at 310-267-2411.

If your physician allows you to eat during your stay, you may order from our signature dining services and the food will be delivered to your room. Ask your nurse or nutrition assistant for a menu.

To complete a local call, dial "8," "1" + area code and then the number. To complete a long distance call, call collect or use a phone card.

Room Amenities

  • Private Room
  • Guest Chair
  • Sink
  • Television
  • Telephone

Quick Reference Guide


GOU North

Nurse Manager
Miriam Gonzalez-Lopez

Nurse Practitioners
Stephanie Wehr
Sherille Santiago
Antonia Smudde


Medical Director

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