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About Our Unit


The Surgical Observation Unit (SOU) is a specialized area designed for patients to receive additional post-operative or post-procedural care, with stays ranging from one to 24 hours. Whether you have had a surgical operation, a cardiac catheterization or other cardiac interventional procedure, or an interventional radiological procedure, our staff is trained and ready to assist you in the important first hours after your surgery or procedure to start you on your way to a successful recovery.

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About Your Care

Our highly qualified SOU nursing staff is specially trained to assess and manage your needs immediately following surgery or cardiology/radiology procedures. While in the SOU, our staff will care for both your medical and personal needs. Meals are available in accordance to dietary instructions approved by your physician. Since SOU is an acute-care unit, toileting is at the bedside or, if the patient can get up and walk, in a shared lavatory. A television with personal ear piece, telephone and sleep aids are available to each patient. Hallway lighting is dimmed after 9 pm.

Nothing is more important to us than you receiving the best possible care. Please do not hesitate to let our SOU staff know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable.

In addition, our Patient Affairs staff is available to assist your family should they require help finding accommodations, or in resolving any other issue regarding your care.

Family and Visitor Information

The well-being of patients is the most important consideration when making decisions regarding visitors and visiting hours. One visitor is allowed at a time in the SOU (due to space constraints). All visitors must leave by 9:00 pm. This may be modified at times by the nursing staff based on patient need.

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