Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
757 Westwood Plaza, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90095
TRU East 310-267-9134
TRU West 310-267-9880

About Our Unit


Welcome to the Transitional Recovery Unit, also known as the TRU. The TRU is divided into TRU East (Rooms 1-10) and TRU West (Rooms 27-38). The TRU accommodates short-stay surgical patients, post-procedure patients and post-operative patients. While in the TRU, a team of nurses, clinical care partners, doctors and other members of the healthcare team will work together to provide a culture of caring and a healing, safe environment towards a successful recovery. All our care is patient and family focused.

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Visitor Information

To locate the Transitional Recovery Unit, follow the "blue line" on the second floor wall that leads you to the TRU.

We recognize the role family plays in the patient's recovery. If the patient wishes, visitors are welcome 24 hours a day. Two visitors are allowed at one time in the patient's room due to space limitations. A recliner can be provided in the room for one visitor who wants to stay overnight in the room with the patient. We ask that visitors respect other patients by keeping their voices low. Visitors may be asked to step out into the family waiting room at the nurse's discretion. A complimentary beverage cart is provided in the morning and afternoon for visitors to enjoy.

Safety Information

There are many ways by which we create an environment of safety in the TRU. Among them are Infection Prevention and Fall Prevention.

Infection prevention is practiced in the TRU. Proper hand hygiene is practiced to prevent infection and promote patient safety. Visitors should not visit if they are ill to prevent the spread of infection. Visitors are also encouraged to use hand sanitizers. The dispensers are within reach at numerous locations on the unit.

Fall prevention is practiced in the TRU. Patients are assessed for the likelihood of falling on admission, at the beginning of each shift and as necessary. The emphasis is on patient safety. Please use the call light if you need assistance with anything especially when getting out of bed and needing help. Call lights are answered promptly. We would be happy to help you.

Patient Affairs

The Office of the Patient Experience, located on the first floor, is available to assist patients, family members and friends with any non-medical question or concern relating to their hospital stay. Their goal is to make your experience as our patient as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You can reach the department by phone or in person.

Office of the Patient Experience
757 Westwood Plaza, Suite 1107
Los Angeles, California 90095-7431
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

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